Back to School in NEWTOWN, CONN.: Fox

The title of a Fox News article released on December 17, 2012 is “School to resume in GRIEF-STRICKEN Connecticut town DEVASTATED by gunman’s rampage” (Web-site/URL: Words/Phrases that signify sadness/anguish: “grief-stricken” and “devastated”. 

“The small Connecticut town where a madman gunned down 20 children and six adults at an elementary school took the initial, GRIM steps of the GRIEF-RIDDEN journey that awaits it, even as it sought to re-establish normalcy for surviving children in a SHATTERED holiday season“. Words/Phrases that signify sadness/anguish: “grim” “grief-stricken” and “shattered”. Also, THERE IS NO DOUBT that the “holiday season” is THE WORST TIME to be or feel “shattered”. Unfortunately, this is THE REALITY that we’re forced to grapple with now.

“The first two young victims of Friday’s (December 14, 2012) school shooting in Newtown were buried Monday (December 17, 2012), in TRAGIC scenes that will be replayed over and over in the coming days“. “tragic” is surely a word that we will see much more of in the coming days and weeks.  “At the same time, school was to resume Tuesday (December 18, 2012), with the students from Sandy Hook Elementary School being sent to a former middle school in the neighboring town of Monroe. Their desks are being taken to the Chalk Hill school in Monroe, empty since town schools consolidated last year (2011) and tradesmen are donating their services to get the school ready within a matter of days”THIS WAS INDEED a “tragedy”.

According to Monroe police Lt. Brian McCauley, “These are INNOCENT CHILDREN that need to be put on the right path again“, referring to THE SURVIVORS of this horrific rampage obviously.

“But with more funerals planned this week, children who should be anticipating the holidays are instead being hugged by somber parents and wondering what kind of world they are growing up in. The first funerals in Newtown, Conn., were for two 6-year-olds: Jack Pinto, a year-old New York Giants fan who might be buried in wide receiver Victor Cruz’s jersey and Noah Pozner, who liked to figure out how things worked mechanically. His twin sister, Arielle, who was assigned to a different classroom, survived the shooting”.

According to Noah’s uncle Alexis Haller, of Woodinville, Wash., “He was just a really LIVELY, SMART kidHe WOULD HAVE become a great man, I think. He would have grown up to be a great DAD“. Well this would be true ONLY IF Pozner would have taught his kids about HARD WORKAgain it’s NOT just about having kidsIt’s about what we TEACH themAgain we can bring up GAO WEI and CUI XILING here because they took and 8 years respectively to finish their Ph.Ds because they had kids in 3.5 years and CUI XILING only has THREE“Selected Publications” (Web-site/URL: which, let’s be honest ISN’T much of a record.  They actually got married IN ORDER TO GET INTO the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). In other wordsit’s NOT just having kids/becoming parentsIt’s what we TEACH them/the VALUES that we pass on to themWe can say this about PARENTS as well as GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS and UNCLES. Gao and Cui are a DISGRACE because by cheating to get into CUHK THEY ARE NOW TELLING THEIR KIDS that it’s acceptable to cheat and that is clearly NOT the message to pass onIn other words, GAO WEI got into CUHK because of his “FUTURE wife” at the timeWHAT A DISGRACE.

According to Robert Licata, “the father of a student who escaped harm during the shooting (whom we obviously DO NOT want to name because of the obvious sensitivity of this issue), “We’re just now getting ready to talk to our son about who was killedHE’S NOT EVEN THERE YET” and he WON’T BE FOR A LONG TIMEHOW CAN WE POSSIBLY TELL LITTLE KIDS THAT MANY OF THEIR CLOSEST FRIENDS HAVE NOW LEFT US IN SUCH A BRUTAL MANNER? Even adults are struggling to comprehend WHY and HOW this could have happened to such little kids.

According to Kim Camputo, “mother of two children, 5 and 10, who attend a different school”, “I feel like WE HAVE TO get back to normal, butI DON’T KNOW IF there is normal anymore“. THIS IS FRIGHTENING. “I’ll definitely be dropping them off and picking them up myself for a whilejust to be EXTRA cautious.

“Newtown police Lt. George Sinko
said he “would find it VERY DIFFICULT” for students to return to the same school where they came so close to death” obviously. “But…, “We want to keep these kids together. THEY NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER“. This shooting was a case of A GUNMAN COMING INTO THE SCHOOL, NOT a case of one student or a group of students at this school turning guns on each other.

“On Sunday (December 16, 2012) President Obama came to Connecticut to express his sorrow for those suffering after the fatal mass shooting of 26 people and to call for an end to such incidents —  offering “the LOVE and HOPE of a nation” and saying “these tragedies MUST end”. Well “love” and “hope” are certainly in EXTREMELY short supply these daysespecially given this latest massacreOK, but again we pose this question: HOW can “these tragedies” BE BROUGHT TO an “end?”

“The president spoke at the Newtown High School after meeting privately with families of the victims and emergency personnel who responded to the deadly shootings Friday (December 14,, 2012) inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn”. “I am very mindful that words CANNOT match the depths of your sorrow” obviously, but “words” ARE ALL THAT HE CAN PROVIDE“But whatever measure of COMFORT we can provide, we will provide. … Newtown, YOU ARE NOT ALONE”. This is what Newtown Connecticut needs right now: EMPATHY. “Surely, WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS”, but HOW? Stricter gun control laws are still stuck in Congress. “These tragedies MUST end and to end them, we MUST change“. Again HOW can we do thisespecially given the fact that we have ANOTHER LAME DUCK CONGRESS WITH THE SAME CHARACTERS WHO ESSENTIALLY DID NOTHING FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS?

Again, we’re struggling to find answers and again unfortunately. THERE ARE NO EASY ANSWERSWe have been left REELING IN SHOCK from an INEXPLICABLY HORRIFIC rampage once again.


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