The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on December 23, 2012 is “Muslim Brotherhood claims charter ‘approved‘” (Web-site/URL:

“Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that the country’s new draft constitution has been passed after the final round of voting in a referendum, even as the opposition has claimed the group engaged in voting fraud”. We’ve seen/read/heard this many times beforebecause againthe opposition ISN’T GETTING A FAIR SHOT.

“The Muslim Brotherhood, from which President Mohamed Morsi hails, and THE OFFICIAL al-Ahram newspaper reported that about 64 percent of voters supported the constitution, after preliminary results were tallied from the second round on Saturday (December 22, 2012)”.

“The early results are based on reports from returning officials from the vast majority of stations over the two rounds, which were held a week apart. Official results will be announced by the country’s election committee on Monday (December 24, 2012), pending appealsand OF COURSE, THERE WILL BE “appeals”.

“The National Salvation Front (NSF), Egypt’s main opposition coalition, has, however alleged that there had been incidents of fraud during the vote” of course. Again, This is EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

According to Ahmed Hawary, “an NSF spokesman”, “We’re going to CHALLENGE THIS in the courts, we’re going to CHALLENGE THIS in the streets, we’re going to CHALLENGE THIS UNTIL WE DIE, because we CANNOT recognize this wide attempt to STEAL THE PEOPLE’S FUTUREThis is A STINGING CRITICISM.

Al Jazeera‘s Rawya Rageh, reporting from Cairo, said that while the results were SO FAR unofficial, the Muslim Brotherhood’s figures on elections have usually been close to accurate”. How “close” is “close?” “She said that the low turnout figures, however, were of concern to BOTH camps”. “Some 30 percent only of eligible voters turned out to vote in both rounds. once again RAISING QUESTIONS of how the leadership of BOTH the opposition and the Islamic camp have FAILED   to appeal to the public and get them to vote in the first place”“fail” again sounds like GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86)..

“Meanwhile, Egypt’s Vice President announced his resignation even as voters were still going to the polls on Saturday (December 22, 2012) , STATE TV reported”. Again it doesn’t take Einstein’s brains to figure out that “state TV” (MENA, SANA, Xinhua, etc.) only spits out the GOVERNMENT line/GOVERNMENT rhetoric and is therefore EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE.

“Mahmoud Mekki’s resignation was announced just hours before the end of voting in the second and final round of the referendum on the constitution”.

“Fifty-eight-year-old Mekki, a career judge, said that HE INTENDED TO QUIT once the charter was adopted. The new constitution eliminates the post of (the) vice-president”. REALLY? Everyone says thisbut once POLITICIANS enter elected office, it seems like they don’t want to leave, with some even STEALING and BRIBING/resorting to CORRUPTION/BECOMING CORRUPT to stay in officeThe most obvious example is former HONG KONG Chief Executive DONALD TSANG who used his power to accept favors from tycoons because BEIJING THOUGHT HE WAS A SAINT since he did almost EXACTLY as the COMMUNIST Chinese government requested/ordered (Web-site/URL: “I have realized a while ago (?) that the nature of politics DOESN’T suit my PROFESSIONAL genesis as a judge”REALLYTHIS IS INTERESTING.

Finally, Rageh finished off: “What happens next is that when the official results are announced on Monday (December 24, 2012) by the higher election commission, we’re EXPECTING President Morsi to call for parliamentary elections in two months from now (February 23, 2013). And those parliamentary elections are going to be the next SERIOUS BATTLE for both camps”IT’S NOT as if we need any more “battles”. 

Again, this is strictly “the official” or MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD‘s agenda/opinion (i.e. what THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WANTS US TO BELIEVE). However, even having said this36% of respondents DO NOT support the new constitution, which of course is still A SIGNIFICANT proportion. 


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