Other NJ Cops Pitch In To Give NEWTOWN Cops A Day Off: Fox

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Cops from neighboring towns come to Newtown to give officers Christmas Daoff” (Web-site/URL: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/25/cops-from-neighboring-towns-come-to-newtown-to-give-officers-christmas-day-off/)

“Police from other towns have agreed to work on Christmas Day (December 25, 2012) as part of a grassroots effort from throughout the law enforcement community in nearby areas, so that Newtown police can have time off”. A LOT of things start out at the “grassroots” level.

According toLt. Bob Kozlowsky of the SheltonConnecticut, police department, speaking to FOX8, “We’ll always TRY to help out neighboring townsAny time there’s a tragedywe’ll TRY OUR BEST to lend a helping hand”.

According to Officer Jeffrey Nielsen of the Milford police department, “IT’S IMPORTANT to help outWe’ll continue  to provide help as long as they need it”.

According to Ted Latiak, “a police detective from GreenwichConnecticut,..as he and a fellow detective came out of a store with bagels and coffee for other officers”, “It’s a NICE thing that they can USE us this way“. When was the last time it was “nice” to be “used?” 

“A steady stream of residents, some in pajamas, relit candles that had been extinguished in an overnight snowstorm. Others dropped off toys and fought back tears at a huge sidewalk memorial filled with stuffed animals, poems, flowers, posters and cards”. “fought back tears” again reinforces the fact that EMOTIONS ARE STILL RAW and THE GRIEF IS STILL FRESH for many in Newtown.

“In the morning, resident Joanne Brunetti watched over 26 candles that had been lit at midnight in honor of those slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She and her husband, Bill, signed up for a three-hour shift and erected a tent to ensure that the flames never went out throughout the day  (December 25, 2012)”. “You have to DO SOMETHING and YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOyou knowYou really feel VERY HELPLESS in this situation“. “very helpless” again obviously is VERY BAD and a VERY NEGATIVE emotion. “My thought is IF we were all this nice to each other ALL THE TIME, MAYBE things like this wouldn’t happen“. “all the time”, unfortunately, makes this seem like WISHFUL THINKING right now.

“At a town hall memorial, Faith Leonard waved to people driving by and handed out Christmas cookies and children’s gifts. She had driven from Arizona, at almost the other end of the country, to volunteer on Christmas morning (December 25, 2012) alone”. “I guess my thought was if I could be here helping out,MAYBE ONE person would be able to spend more time with their family or GRIEVE IN THE WAY (that) THEY NEED TO“. For those wondering how “one person” can make a difference or IF ONE PERSON can make a differencethere’s the answer.

Finally, “At St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church, which eight of the child victims of the massacre attended, the pastor told parishioners that “today (December 25 2012) is the day we begin everything all over again”. “Recalling the events of Dec. 14 (2012)the Rev. Robert Weiss said”: “The moment the first responder broke through the doorswe knew GOOD always overcomes evilWe know Christmas in a way we never ever thought we would know it. We need a little Christmas and we’ve been given it“.

FINALLY, with all the HEARTACHE that we’ve seen with stories such as the JOVAN BELCHER murder-suicide (December 1, 2012)KI-SUK HAN being PUSHED OFF A SUBWAY/METRO PLATFORM by NAEEM DAVIS (December 4, 2012)JOSH BRENT in a car crash that killed JERRY BROWN (December 8, 2012) and the SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL massacre in NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT (December 14, 2012), we have a story of KINDNESS to lift our spirits a bit.





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