TUMBLING OFF The Fiscal Cliff? Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “”Fiscal cliffTUMBLE looms DESPITE Senate efforts” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/fiscal-deal-stalls-clock-ticks-deadline-000951431–business.html).

“The United States was on track to tumble over the “fiscal cliff” at midnight on Monday, at least for a day, as lawmakers HELD BACK from supporting an eleventh-hour plan from Senate leaders to avert SEVERE TAX INCREASES and SPENDING CUTSHOUSEWIVES will surely be screaming about “tax increases”especially those who have had NO FORMAL EDUCATION and are doing REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT (e.g. HELEN HUANG in FREMONT, CA)

According to a Senate Democratic aide, “The caucus as a whole IS NOT sold” on the plan”, “We just DON’T have the votes for it”, which is a HUGE problem/a MONUMENTAL challengeIn POLITICS, it’s all about “votes”.

“at a White House event”, Obama said: “THERE ARE STILL ISSUES TO RESOLVE, but WE’RE HOPEFUL that Congress CAN get it done, BUT IT’S NOT DONE“. “Congress can get it done”, but ARE THEY WILLING TO “get it done?” That’s the million-dollar question.

Finally, “Final legislation can be backdated to January 1 (2013), for instance, said law firm K&L Gates partner Mary Burke Baker, who spent decades at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)”“The important date is the date IN THE LEGISLATIVE LANGUAGE NO MATTER WHAT day the Senate or House pass the law, or the date the president signs it”.

This is the latest article where we can make an interesting conclusion: “‘Fiscal cliff’ TUMBLE looms”This should remind many of us of a game on “The Price is Right” called CLIFFHANGER.


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