INDIAN Girl Raped Sets Off a Contentious Debate Regarding WOMEN’s RIGHTS: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on December 31, 2012 is “India rape sets off debate over WOMEN’S RIGHTS” (Web-site/URL:

According to Ranjana Kumari, “director of the Center for Social Research”, “To change a SOCIETY as conservative, traditional and patriarchal (MALE dominated) as ours, WE WILL HAVE A LONG HAUL“, emphasizing “long”. “It will take SOME TIME, but certainly there is A beginning”. OK. How long is “some time?”

According to Sushma Swaraj, a leader of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party”, “She has become the daughter of the entire nation”, like MALALA YOUSUFZAI in PAKISTAN.

According to Murarinath Kushwaha, “a man whose two friends were on a hunger strike to draw attention to the issue”, SO MUCH needs to be done to end the oppression of women” obviously. SO MUCH needs to be done”, but unfortunately, not much, IF ANYTHING IS BEING “done to end the oppression of women”We can say the same thing about CHINA, HONG KONG and TAIWANtraditional societies where men have to EARN MORE MONEY than women (just as a simple example) and women are expected to STAY AT HOME, DO HOUSEHOLD CHORES and GET PREGNANTOf course, as we know this is EXTREMELY problematic.

“In an editorial”, the Hindustan Times newspaper wrote: “IT CANNOT BE business as usual anymore“. Sounds good doesn’t it? Whether it can be PUT INTO PRACTICE however is another matter entirely.

“Responding to complaints that police refuse to file cases of abuse or harassment brought by women, the city force has appointed an officer to meet with women’s groups monthly and crack down on the problem, New Delhi Lt. Gov. Tejendra Khanna said”. “We have mandated that ANY TIME ANY lady visits a police station with a complaint, it has to be RECORDED on the spot“. Of course“recording a complaint” and actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT the “complaint” can be/are often TWO COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT EVENTS.

According to Gureet Kaur, “a student protester in the Rajasthani town of Alwar”, “How can he (a legislator) TELL (i.e. ORDER) us to change our clothesWHY CAN’T GIRLS (just) LIVE FREELY?” Again, this is exactly what MALALA YOUSAFZAI is fighting for.

“Kumari said the country was FAILING in its BASIC responsibility to PROTECT ITS CITIZENS. But she was heartened to see so many young MEN at the protests along with women”. “I have never heard so many people who felt so deep down HURTIt will DEFINITELY have some impact“. How much is “some?”

Finally, “In Geneva, the U.N. human rights chief called Monday (December 31, 2012) for fundamental change in India”. “Let us HOPE that 2013 will be the year the tide is turned on violence against women in India and all women can WALK FREE WITHOUT FEAR“. This is very important. “The public is DEMANDING a transformation in systems that DISCRIMINATE AGAINST women to a culture that RESPECTS THE DIGNITY of women in LAW and PRACTICE“. Again this flies in the face of people like LILY FU whose mom (YU YAOHONG) who is the latest person to follow the pattern of women are only supposed to enter into a relationshipget married, get pregnant and DO NOTHING ELSEThere is NO “dignity” in that.  NONE. “Pillay, a South African of Indian origin, urged Indians NOT to give in to calls for capital punishment for rapists”. “However TERRIBLE the crime, the death penalty is not the answer“. The death penalty will continue to be a DICEY/”hot button” topic/issue.

We have yet another article with an OBVIOUS conclusionLike MALALA YOUSUFZAIthis young woman was attacked in a CONSERVATIVE society so, again, we can say that the idea that women should ONLY stay at home, get into a relationship, get marriedget pregnant and do housework is EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC.


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