INTERNET CENSORSHIP In CHINA (December 28, 2012): Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on December 28, 2012 is “China’s new law INTENSIFIES ONLINE CLAMPDOWN” (Web-site/URL:

“China has unveiled tighter Internet controls, including legalising the deletion of posts or pages which are deemed to contain “ILLEGAL” information and requiring service providers to hand over such information to the authorities for punishment”. Well we know A LOT is “illegal” in ChinaThe question, of course is: what’s LEGAL?

“the rules state”: Service providers are required to INSTANTLY stop the transmission of illegal information once it is spotted and take relevant measures, including removing the information and saving records, before reporting to supervisory authorities”. Chinese “supervisory authorities”, of course, ARE INFALLIBLEAt least, this is what they claimOf course,  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

Is this the freedom of expression we are promised in the constitution?” COMPLAINED one user”.   This “user” must be AMERICANIf CHINA had a “constitution”it would be DRASTICALLY different from the “constitution” of THE UNITED STATESOn top of this, we can be sure that this “user” IS NOT the only person “complaining”.

Finally, another wrote: “We should RESOLUTELY OPPOSE such a COVERT means to interfere with Internet freedom“. “resolutely oppose” sounds like former HONG KONG Chief Executive DONALD TSANG when he was campaigning in 2005 when he campaigned on a platform of “Resolute pragmatic action” which of course meant ACCEPTING WHATEVER CHINA SAID (Web-site/URL:

Once again, the conclusion to this analysis is easy: “China’s new law INTENSIFIES ONLINE CLAMPDOWNNo wonder people like ZARK LU (zark1w) are having trouble going online from cities like SHANGHAI and this is exactly why people who depend on SOCIAL MEDIA to do their work should STAY OUT of mainland China an intensely DEFENSIVE society (Web-site/URL: People who need access to Chinese news and need to be in ASIA should write and report from cities such as HONG KONG TOKYO and TAIPEIwhere there is freedom of speech, thought and expression.


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