The title of an MSNBC article released on January 3, 2013 is “Boehner re-elected as Speaker of the House after some GOP dissent” (Web-site/URL:

How much is “some?” “In remarks after the vote, a characteristically emotional Boehner urged members to RESIST pursuing “political victory” in lieu of leadership”. RESIST pursuing “political victory?” This clearly WON’T happen. “If you’ve come here to SEE YOUR NAME IN THE LIGHTS or to PASS OFF POLITICAL VICTORY as some accomplishment, YOU’VE COME TO THE WRONG (?) PLACE. THE DOOR’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU“. BOEHNER‘s saying this? If you have come here HUMBLED by the opportunity to serve, if you’ve come here to be THE DETERMINED VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, if you’ve come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded NOT by our constituents (?), but by the times, then you’ve come to the right place“. NOT by our constituents?” This is quite a change/departure from Boehner’s “Hell No” rant (Web-site/URL: “Boehner cited the federal deficit as the OVERWHELMING problem to be addressed by lawmakers, alluding to the need for SERIOUS NEGOTIATIONS (?) to solve it“. How much “serious negotiating” is happening on Capitol Hill these days? To be honest, NONE. “”As Speaker, I pledge to LISTEN (?) and to do all I can to help all of you (Members of the US House of Representatives) carry out the oath of office that we are all about to take“. JOHN BOEHNER “listens?”

“Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the No. 4 Republican in the House, said that Republicans’ support for Boehner was “unanimous” and no other GOP lawmaker publicly nominated an alternative candidate”.  “during her nominating speech”, McMorris-Rodgers said: “There’s one person I turn to to help POINT THE WAY FORWARD (?)” BOEHNER represents “forward” thinking?

Finally, “In remarks after the vote, Pelosi praised Boehner as A FAMILY MAN and A LEADER who has won “the respect of his colleagues on BOTH (?) sides of the aisle“. HAHA. OH MANOK. Boehner may be “a family man”We cannot assess/evaluate that because we’re not members of his familyHowever, he is only “a leader” for “ONE side of the aisle”THE GOP, NOT “both”If the late TED KENNEDY was a partisan lightning rod (which he was), there is no way JOHN BOEHNER represents “both sides of the aisle” 


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