“Protests” in CHINA for “press freedom”: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Protesters in China call for PRESS FREEDOM” (Web-site/URL: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia-pacific/2013/01/20131765743709723.html). Sound familiar?

“Hundreds of press-freedom advocates have gathered outside the offices of a LIBERAL Chinese newspaper at the center of a censorship row to call for media freedom in China”How “liberal” is “liberal?”

“The protesters gathered outside the office of Southern Weekly in Guangzhou, capital of southern Guangdong province, on Monday (January 7, 2013) calling for media freedom, a TABOO subject in the country, holding banners and chanting slogans”. Of course, “media freedom” ISN’T coming to China anytime soon.

“one of the banners at the protests read”: ““We want PRESS FREEDOM, constitutionalism and democracy”. Againof course “press freedom” is still EXTREMELY limited in China, IF IT EXISTS AT ALL.

According to Ao Jiayang, “an NGO worker attending the protest”, “The Nanfang [Southern] Media Group is relatively willing to speak the truth in China, so we need to STAND UP FOR ITS COURAGE and support it now“. Again, unfortunately, “standing up for” causes in China often has EXTREMELY NEGATIVE and sometimes even BRUTAL consequences. “We HOPE that through this, we can fight for media freedom in China”. Againunfortunately, this is “hope” IN VAIN because THE CHINESE AUTHORITIES WON’T ALLOW more “media freedom”“Today’s turnout reflects that more and more people in China HAVE A CIVIC CONSCIOUSNESS“. Unfortunately, we CAN’T say the same thing about Chinese government officialsChinese government officials certainly DON’T “have a civic consciousness”.

Finally, “A foreign ministry spokesperson in Beijing is reported to have said: “There is NO so-called news censorship in China”, yet another/the latest example of COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA.

Again, the conclusion to this analysis is obvious. “Protesters in China CALL FOR press freedom”but they are still EXTREMELY UNLIKELY to get it because Chinese politicians still think that ALL the political chatter online is about THEM and AGAINST them, which makes them “Defensive” which, of course, is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI). We can also note yet again that TWITTER and FACEBOOK are still banned as part of this relentless and RIDICULOUS media censorship and censorship of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_censorship_in_the_People’s_Republic_of_China)..

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