“Censorship” in CHINA Turns DREAM Into NIGHTMARE: Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “China censors turn New Yearseeking DREAMS” editorial into NIGHTMARE” (Web-site/URL: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/09/us-china-censorship-idUSBRE9080FG20130109).

“When former Xinhua state news agency vice president Tuo Zhen was appointed as head of the PROPAGANDA department in Guangdong, one of China’s MOST LIBERAL provinces, he carried with him a reputation as a HARD-LINE leftist”This is exactly what the COMMUNIST government had in mind“the head of the PROPAGANDA department…(carries) with him” the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY attitude/mentality, which is EXACTLY WHAT COMMUNIST and DICTATORIAL GOVERNMENTS WANT.

“Xiao Shu, a former columnist at the Southern Weekly, said Tuo treated the paper NOT as an asset for pursuing the truth but “as a BURDEN, or a NEGATIVE thing, to TRAMPLE ON as much as he liked”. Notice “trample on”Again, this is THE DEFINITION OF/a fundamental characteristic of Communist and dictatorial governments. Of course“the paper” SHOULD BE “an asset for pursuing the truth”but has been TRANSFORMED/TURNED INTO something “negative” instead.

“Yao Chen, an actress with over 32 million online (WEIBO or CHINESE Twitter) followers, posted a quote from dissident Russian writer and Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn”: ONE word of truth outweighs THE WHOLE WORLD. It was reposted over 95,000 times”This implies/suggests that the Chinese government is AFRAID OF “the truth” being revealedA DAMNING CRITICISM.

“Illustrating that pressure, online accounts said Dai Zigeng, the publisher of the popular Beijing News Daily, had announced his resignation after the newspaper resisted government pressure to republish an editorial criticizing the Southern Weekly“.

“The central propaganda department had issued a directive to newspapers that they republish an editorial from the Global Times, run by Communist Party MOUTHPIECE the People’s Daily, that BLAMED the protests in Guangzhou on OVERSEAS FORCES“(blaming) overseas forces” is taking a page out of BASHAR AL-ASSAD‘s playbook, which, of course, is RIDICULOUSThen, again, this ISN’T surprising because China along with RUSSIAare the only countries SUPPORTING Assad’s horrific campaign of violence in SyriaOn top of this once again we are reminded of how troubling “mouthpieces” arebecause newspapers and other publications which are government “mouthpieces” in a nutshell suggest/imply that the governments that these papers mention NEVER MAKE MISTAKES/ARE INFALLIBLE and of courseNOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

The Beijing News, a sister newspaper of the Southern Weekly, refused, resulting in a stand-off between editors and propaganda officials, according to microblog accounts. The newspaper eventually republished the editorial on Wednesday (January 9, 2013)”.

“Outside the Beijing News office in southeastern Beijing, a man at the front desk dismissed the “gossip” about Dai’s resignation and said he was working as normal”. This man is nothing more than AN INFORMANT and HAS NO CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. In other words, this man is nothing other than A COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT AGENT/INFORMANT.

“After three days of FRAUGHT TALKS and PROTESTS outside the newspaper gates, both sides APPEARED on Wednesday (January 9, 2013) to have reached a deal”. There are THREE things to note here. First“fraught talks” are “talks that are FRUITLESS/AREN’T GOING ANYWHERESecondly, “protests” signify DISCONTENT/DISSATISFACTION/that people AREN’T happy with the status quoOn top of this, how things “appear” may be DRASTICALLY different from REALITY.

“Sources close to the reporters said the censors had pledged to remove an “inspection” process to vet news topics, a system that Tuo institutionalized, while journalists would go back to work and not talk publicly about the matter”.

“Despite this, the controversy is UNLIKELY to be forgotten“.

Finally, according to “a reporter working for a sister Southern Media group publication”, “As a journalist,I HAVE TO FIGHT because WE HAVE THE SAME FATE. If we DON’T express ourselves and if we remain silent, THEN THIS PROFESSION HAS NO MEANINGIn fact, this is already happeningAt elite Chinese universitieshistory and political science aren’t history and political science, but CHINESE PROPAGANDA lectures instead.

This is yet another EASY conclusionagain, this “nightmare” is EXACTLY WHAT THE COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT WANTS because, as we knowCommunists and dictators are ANTI-free speech and “censor” EVERYTHINGThis is another example of “Defensive” behavior (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI), because if they had NOTHING to hidethey surely WOULDN’T be so HYSTERICAL


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