CHUCK HAGEL Faces “UPHILL Battle” to Become Defense Secretary: Fox

The title of a Fox News article released on January 6, 2013 is “Hagel would face uphill battle for Pentagon’s top job if picked by Obama” (Web-site/URL:

“Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has signaled he’ll MOVE TO BLOCK the bid unless Hagel withdraws his opposition to the U.S. trade embargo against Castro’s Cuba”Rubio is a member of THE TEA PARTY (Web-site/URL:

“Other lawmakers have expressed concern over Hagel’s RESISTANCE to sanctions against Iran and to the designation of Hezbollah as A TERRORIST GROUP“. WHOAThis is what got OCTAVIA NASR dumped/fired from CNN (Web-site/URL:

“Hagel went on AN APOLOGY SPREE in late December (2012) and back-peddled on comments he made about the sexual orientation of an ambassador candidate during a 1998 interview, but the country’s largest gay and lesbian groups said they were UNIMPRESSED and questioned his sinceritywhich, of course, IS NOT good“apology spree” is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL:

“The controversy stems from comments he made during a debate over the nomination of James Hormel to be ambassador to Luxembourg. Hagel had said Hormel was “openly AGGRESSIVELY gay”. For the GOP “openly gay” is bad enough“aggressively” is EVEN MORE NEGATIVE so this ADDS INSULT TO INJURYIn fact, “aggressive” can also justifiably be interpreted as DEROGATORY/INSULTING.

“in a written statement”, Hagel said: “My comments 14 years ago in 1998 were INSENSITIVE. They DO NOT reflect my views or the totality of my public record and I apologize to Ambassador Hormel and any LGBT Americans who may question my commitment to their civil rights”. Well COMMUNICATION IS IRREVERSIBLE so ONCE SOMETHING HAS BEEN SAID IT HAS BEEN SAID and CANNOT BE TAKEN BACKIt’s just like CONFESSING TO THE POLICE and then RECANTINGCONFESSIONS TAKE A LOT TO UNDOIn other wordsit’s just like INSULTING someone and then APOLOGIZINGUnder most circumstancesit will take more than “I’m sorry” to alleviate the situation, sometimes MUCH more.

“Indiana Sen. Dan Coats, a Republican, BLASTED Hagel in an interview with radio host Tom Rose”. “Chuck has ALIENATED an AWFUL LOT of people” and of course that’s NOT goodThere have been GRAVE concerns about this possible nomination among Republicans and among people who know and have served with Chuck Hagel” BOTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT. “We watched Chuck take positions that are, frankly, many of them are to the LEFT of Barack Obama”. REALLY? The “openly aggressively gay” is or should be a CONSERVATIVE opinion“Hagel has moved from a conservative Republican coming out of Nebraska to someone that looks like they are out of THE MOST LEFTIST state in the country and exceeding even a lot of Democrats, who also have concerns about his ideology and where he is coming from. I THINK IT WOULD BE A MISTAKE for the president to put his nomination up”.

Finally, “When asked about the pulse of Republicans on Hagel, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Chris Wallace on Sunday (January 6, 2013), “I can tell you there would be very little Republican support for his nomination. At the end of the day, there will be very few votes”.

Again, the conclusion to this analysis is simpleCONSERVATIVES think Hagel is too LIBERAL while LIBERALS think Hagel is too CONSERVATIVEThis is just the latest chapter of PARTISAN POLITICS ON CAPITOL HILL


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