BASEBALL Hall of Fame Inducts NO ONE: BONDS, CLEMENS & SOSA Denied (CBS)

The title of a CBS News article released on January 10, 2013 is “(Baseball) Hall of Famers HAPPY to see Bonds, Clemens and Sosa DENIED” (Web-site/URL:”Nobody was happier about the Hall of Fame shutout  than the Hall of Famers themselves”“Goose Gossage, Al Kaline, Dennis Eckersley and others ARE IN NO RUSH to open the door to Cooperstown for anyone linked to steroids”. THIS IS INTERESTINGbecause ECKERSLEY was at one point in rehab to treat/for alcoholism (Web-site/URL:

“in a phone interview with The Associated Press“, Gossage said: “If they let these guys in EVER — at ANY pointIT’S A BIG BLACK EYE for the Hall and for baseball“, A DAMNING INSULT. “It’s like telling our kids you can CHEAT, you can do whatever you want and IT’S NOT GOING TO MATTER“. Well, we “can do whatever (we) want” EXCEPT “cheat” because “(cheating MATTERS“). We should also say this to GAO WEI (Web-site/URL: and CUI XILING (Web-site/URL: because GAO CLAIMED that he had a PhD and therefore HIS GIRLFRIEND (at the time) HAD TO HAVE an M.PhilAs it turns outGao DIDN’T have a Ph.D. HE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE AN MPHIL. In fact, he got to the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) AFTER his now-wifewhich is A DISGRACE in traditional Chinese society because in traditional Chinese society men are supposed to be BETTER THAN (i.e. EARN MORE MONEY THAN) womenCUI XILING is a disgrace all her own because she ONLY married Gao to GAIN ADMISSION to CUHK. They basically told the university & their respective faculties (Engineering & Business) that CUHK should be involved in their love life and of course, THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE/IS SIMPLY RIDICULOUSNot only did they involve the University in their love life; many people who had nothing to do with that mess had to hear about it for SEVERAL YEARS.

According to Kaline, “I’m kind of GLAD that nobody got in this year (2013). I feel HONORED to be in the Hall of Fame” and JUSTIFIABLY SO.  “And I would’ve felt a little UNEASY sitting up there on the stage, listening to some of these new guys talk about how great they were“. Well, many of “the new guys were great”, because of DRUGS which, of course, IS NOT good.

“Gossage WENT EVEN FURTHER“.”I think the steroids guys that are UNDER SUSPICION got TOO MANY votes”This is the truth, but what’s being done about it? Still ALMOST NOTHING. “I don’t know why they’re making this such a question and why there’s so much debate. To me, THEY CHEATED. ARE WE GOING TO REWARD THESE GUYS?”

“Eckersley tweeted: “Wow! Baseball writers MAKE A STATEMENTFEELS RIGHT“.

Gossage continued: “If you DON’T think Roger Clemens cheated, (then) YOU’RE BURYING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND” obviously.

“After the Hall announced THERE WOULD BE NO INDUCTEESClemens tweeted that he was “NOT overly surprised” by the snub”. This is an expression of INDIFFERENCE. “To those who did take the time to look at the facts … WE VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT“. This is a CYNICAL statementIt certainly DOES NOT seem to be genuine/sincere.

According to Kaline, “What really gets me is seeing how some of these players associated with drugs have JUMPED OVER many of the greats in our game”, which of course is a travesty/tragedy. “Numbers mean a lot in baseball, maybe MORE SO  than in any other sport. And going back to Babe Ruth and players like Harmon Killebrew (573 home runs, 1584 RBI inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1984) and Frank Robinson and Willie Mays, seeing people jump over them with 600, 700 home runs, I DON’T like to see that. I DON’T KNOW how great some of these players up for election would’ve been WITHOUT drugs“. This is the key point. “But to me, it’s CHEATING” obviously. “Numbers are important, but so is INTEGRITY and CHARACTER” obviously. Again, we should address GAO and CUI who act like more flexible rules should be made for THEM and ONLY THEM. This simply SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. “Some of these guys might get in someday. But for a year or two, I’m glad they DIDN’T“..

Gossage went on: “I DON’T KNOW IF baseball knows how to deal with this at allWhy don’t they strip these guys of all these numbers?  You’ve got to SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. (If) You get caught cheating on a test, you get expelled from school“, which again is what SHOULD HAVE happened to GAO & CUI because they “cheated” to GAIN ADMISSION.

“Juan Marichal (1983) is one Hall of Famer who DOESN’T see it that way. The former pitcher believes Bonds, Clemens and Sosa BELONG in Cooperstown”. “I think that they have been unfair to guys who were NEVER FOUND GUILTY OF ANYTHINGTheir stats define them as IMMORTALS. That’s THE REALITY and THAT CANNOT BE DENIED“. NO ONE should be “(defined) as immortals” because “immortals” = SAINTS and NO ONE is a SAINTThis guy is saying that “stats” are ALL THAT MATTERWell, “stats” should only count for people who PLAY BY THE RULES and Bonds, Sosa and Clemens clearly DID NOT play by the rules.

“ senior baseball columnist Scott Miller says (that) the Cooperstown shutout SHOULD NOT spur outrageobviously and we’ll go into that in more detail in just a moment. “Hall of Fame voting throughout history has been MESSY, imperfect and often CONTENTIOUS. But one thing that the test of time has proven is that THE PROCESS WORKS. Not only does it work, it works better in baseball than it does for any other Hall of Fame in any other sport“. “the process works” is all that should matter/countGoing back to the point that Miller made about “the Cooperstown SHOULD NOT spur outrage”well the only people who should be “outraged” are BONDS CLEMENS & SOSA because again, they want CELEBRITY EXPOSURE..

Marichal continued: “What we’re witnessing here is INNOCENT PEOPLE paying for the sinners“. This is what we dealt with during the GAO WEI & CUI XILING scandalBecause they held onto a finite number of scholarships/postgraduate studentships at CUHK for SIX and EIGHT years in the Engineering and Business faculties respectivelyOTHER PEOPLE WHO NEVER COULD HAVE CONJURED UP, IMAGINED OR DARED TO EVEN THINK ABOUT taking part in a scandal of that magnitude.

Finally, “Hall of Fame slugger Mike Schmidt (1995) said that comes with the territory”: “In an e-mail to the AP“, Schmidt wrote: “It’s NOT news that Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Palmeiro and McGwire DIDN’T get in, but that they received HARDLY ANY CONSIDERATION AT ALL. The real news is that (Craig) Biggio and (Mike) Piazza were WELL UNDER the 75 percent neededCurt Schilling made a good point. EVERYONE WAS GUILTY. Either you USED PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) or YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP THEIR USE“. This sounds like JOE PATERNO in the JERRY SANDUSKY mess (Web-site/URL: This generation got rich. Seems (like) THERE WAS A PRICE TO PAY” Well THERE SHOULD BE/THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE.

This sends a strong message that DRUG CHEATS ARE NOT WELCOME  at least for one yearThis should ALWAYS be the policy.


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