Trouble in MALI: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on January 12, 2013 is “France bombs Mali REBELSAfrican states ready troops” (Web-site/URL:

“French aircraft POUNDED ISLAMIST rebels in Mali for a second day on Saturday (January 12, 2013) and neighboring West African states sped up their plans to deploy troops in an international campaign to prevent groups linked to al Qaeda expanding their power base”There are THREE things to note hereFirst, “pounded” is clearly VIOLENT and the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: Secondly “Islamist” worries a lot of WESTERN countriesOn top of this “al-Qaeda expanding their power base” should worry all CIVILIZED countries/societies.

“French President Francois Hollande made clear that France’s aim in Mali was to support the West African troop deployment, which is also endorsed by the United Nationsthe European Union and the United States”. “We’ve already HELD BACK the progress of our adversaries and INFLICTED HEAVY LOSSES (?) on them“. REALLY? Of course, “held back the progress of our adversaries” and “inflicted heavy losses” are both open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL: “Our mission IS NOT over yet“.

“A resident in the northern city of Gaoone of the Islamists’ strongholdsreported scores of rebel fighters were RETREATING northward in pickup trucks on Saturday (January 12 2013)”. More specifically, this “resident (who asked) not to be identified for fear of reprisals”, said: “The hospital here is OVERWHELMED with injured and dead“. The same can be said about hospitals in SYRIAAlso notice “fear of reprisals”Once again, “fear” seems to be EVERYWHERE, at least in the Middle East and throughout the Arab world. 

“Hollande’s intervention in Mali COULD ENDANGER eight French nationals being held by Islamists in the Sahara. A spokesman for one of Mali’s rebel groups, Ansar Dine, said THERE WOULD BE REPERCUSSIONS“. “Sanda Ould Boumama told Reuters“: “There are consequences (obviously), not only for French hostagesbut also for ALL French citizensWHEREVER they find themselves in the Muslim world”Wow. This sounds like A THREAT“The hostages are facing DEATH“. OK, so this is DEAD SERIOUS.

According to Mark Schroeder, of the risk and security consultancy Stratfor, “We’re NOT YET at the BIG intervention”WILL WE EVER BE AT/GET TO THAT POINT?

“Interim President Dioncounda TraoreUNDER PRESSURE for (i.e. to take) bolder action from Mali’s military, declared a state of emergency on Friday (January 11, 2013)Traore cancelled a long-planned official trip to Paris on Wednesday (January 9, 2013) because of the violence”. “on STATE TV“, Traore said: “EVERY Malian MUST henceforth consider themselves a soldier“. “under pressure” and “Every Malian must” both suggest that the “force and pain technique” will be used once again (Web-site/URL: Also once again ” STATE TV” is just an instrument for UNDEMOCRATIC DICTATORIAL governments to basically THROW DOWN THE GAUNTLET at their people and FORCE them to swallow WHATEVER the government throws at them because ” STATE TV” essentially SHOVES THINGS DOWN PEOPLE’S THROATS..

Finally, “On the streets of Bamako, some cars were driving around with French flags draped from the windows to CELEBRATE Paris’s intervention”. This is THE EXCEPTION rather than the normIn many of the other Mideast countries where revolutions took place that ousted dictatorsa significant proportion of the population OPPOSED foreign “intervention”. According to student Mohamed Camera (she must like/enjoy having her picture taken), “It’s THANKS TO France that Mali will emerge from this crisis“. There’s that NEW attitude again. “THIS WAR MUST END NOWPeople in a large chunk/portion of the world are TIRED OF conflicts and wars raging on unabated nowIt’s not just people in THE UNITED STATES, EGYPT and SYRIA (just to give a few examples) anymore.

The conclusion to this analysis is interesting, because in many cases (EgyptLibya, SyriaBahrain, Yemen, etc.), foreign governments have backed REBELS over DICTATORSThis time, FRANCE is supporting the Mali GOVERNMENT over/instead of the rebels.

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