The title of a recently released CBS News article is “Lance Armstrong tells Oprah he doped to win” (Web-site/URL: WILL THIS BE ENOUGH?

“Lance Armstrong has finally COME CLEAN (?)” HAS HE? REALLYIF he hasthis has taken a REALLY long time.

“Armstrong confessed to doping during an interview with Oprah Winfrey taped Monday (January 14, 2013) , just a couple of hours after a WRENCHING apology to staff at the Livestrong charity he founded and has now been forced to surrender”. This was “wrenching” for THE PEOPLE WHO WORKED FOR Armstrong and Armstrong’s TEAMMATES who DIDN’T dopebut Armstrong himself was surely only PUTTING ON HIS LATEST FREAK SHOW.

“The day ended with 2 1/2 hours of questions from Winfrey at a downtown Austin hotel, where she said the world’s most famous cyclist was “forthcoming” as she asked him in detail about doping allegations that followed him throughout his SEVEN Tour de France victories”WAS Armstrong “forthcoming?”

“Winfrey appeared on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday (January 15, 2013) to talk about the Armstrong interview, saying that both parties had agreed not to speak publicly about it until the interview aired, but “by the time I left Austin and landed in Chicago, you all had already confirmed  it“.

“Winfrey described Armstrong as “FORTHCOMING (?)”  in the interview and while he “DID NOT come clean in the manner that I expected,” she said she was “SATISFIED (?) by the answers“. “forthcoming” goes with “satisfied”but NOT with “DID NOT come clean in the manner I expected”So what did Oprah EXPECT? Were her EXPECTATIONS REASONABLE (Web-site/URL:

“Winfrey would not characterize whether Armstrong seemed contrite but said he seemed ready for the interview. “I would say that he MET THE MOMENT” with A FREAK SHOW.

“I don’t think `EMOTIONALbegins to describe THE INTENSITY or THE DIFFICULTY he experienced in talking about some of these things“. Again, this was nothing but A FREAK SHOW.

“For more than a decade, Armstrong dared anybody who challenged his version of events to prove it. Finally, he told the tale himself after promising over the weekend (January 12-13, 2013) to answer Winfrey’s questions “DIRECTLY, HONESTLY and CANDIDLY (?)” DID HE DO THIS? Again, there are differing INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL:, but most people will say NO.

“On Tuesday (January 15, 2013), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) said Armstrong must confess UNDER OATH to seek a reduction in his lifetime ban from sports for doping. WADA said it “READ WITH INTEREST (?) media reports suggesting a televisionconfession‘ made by Lance Armstrong” to Winfrey on Monday (January 14, 2013)HOW MUCH “interest” could we POTENTIALLY be talking about here? No matter how much “interest” the International Cycling Union (UCI) expresses in Armstrong’s lifetime ban being lifted“interest” again IS NOT a guarantee.

“Armstrong reportedly hopes to return to competition in recognized triathlon events. However, WADA said “ONLY when Mr. Armstrong makes a FULL confession UNDER OATHand tells the anti-doping authorities all he knows about doping activities – can any legal and proper process for him to seek ANY reopening or reconsideration of his LIFETIME ban commence“. So, the cycling authorities WERE NOT impressed.

“Armstrong started Monday (January 14, 2013) with a visit to the headquarters of Livestrong, the charity he founded in 1997 and turned into a global force on the strength of his athletic dominance and personal story of surviving testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain.

 “About 100 Livestrong staff members gathered in a conference room as Armstrong told them “I’m sorry“. IS HEREALLY?  “He choked up during a 20-minute talk, expressing regret for the long-running controversy tied to performance-enhancers had caused, but STOPPED SHORT of admitting he used them“. OF COURSE, “he used them”THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN NOWAgain, this is A FREAK SHOW.

“Before he was done, several members were in tears when he urged them to continue the charity’s mission, helping cancer patients and their families”.

HEARTFELT and SINCERE” is how Livestrong spokeswoman Katherine McClane described his speech”. WAS IT? So Armstrong was trying to get SYMPATHY?

“USADA chief executive Travis Tygart, A LONGTIME CRITIC of Armstrong’s, called the drug regimen practiced while Armstrong led the U.S. Postal Service team THE MOST SOPHISTICATED,,PROFESSIONALIZED and SUCCESSFUL doping program that sport has ever seen“. Tygart is clearly LASHING OUT at Armstrong…AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: These two men have been going after each other for YEARS.

“In a recent ” 60 Minutes Sports” interview, Tygart described Armstrong and his team of doctors, coaches and riders as similar to a “Mafia” that kept their secret for years and INTIMIDATED riders into silently following their illegal methods”. “mafia” of course is synonymous with GANGS and of course we DON’T want to be associated with any of those.

“In Australia, the government of South Australia state said Tuesday (January 15, 2013) it will seek the repayment of several million dollars in appearance fees paid to Armstrong for competing in the Tour Down Under in 2009, 2010 and 2011″. According to South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill, “We’d be MORE THAN HAPPY for Mr. Armstrong to make any REPAYMENT OF MONIES to us“. Again, as we expected (Web-site/URL:,, it’s all about MONEY.

“Betsy Andreu, the wife of former Armstrong teammate Frankie Andreu, was one of the first to publicly accuse Armstrong of using performance-enhancing drugs. She called news of Armstrong’s confession “VERY EMOTIONAL and VERY SAD” and choked up when asked to comment”. “He USED TO BE one of my husband’s best friends and BECAUSE HE WOULDN’T GO ALONG WITH THE DOPING, HE GOT KICKED TO THE SIDE“. This is the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY mentality that many POLITICIANS use to FORCE others to do things THEIR way.

Finally, “Betsy Andreu testified in SCA’s arbitration case challenging the bonus in 2005, saying Armstrong admitted in an Indiana hospital room in 1996 that he had taken MANY performance-enhancing drugs, a claim (that) Armstrong VEHEMENTLY DENIED” of courseThis is EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: “It would be nice IF he would come out and say the hospital room happenedThat’s where it all started“. This is the latest IFOf course, that’s NOT going to happen.

OK, so OPRAH WINFREY thought/described Armstrong as “forthcoming”but ultimately Armstrong will have to convince his now longtime nemesis TYGARTUSADA, WADA and the UCI if he wants to return to cycling, which means again that he still faces an UPHILL climb/MONUMENTAL struggle. Armstrong is now trying to rebuild his image, which has clearly been SHATTERED by doping and of coursethat WON’T be easyIn fact we have to wonder IF this will happen AT ALL.


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