ANOTHER “nuclear test” for NORTH KOREA: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “North Korea THREATENS South (Korea) over UN sanctions” (Web-site/URL:

“White House calls THREAT OF third nuclear test NEEDLESSLY provocative” and expands existing sanctions”.

“The US has DENOUNCED North Korea for THREATENING a third nuclear test, calling the warning “NEEDLESSLY provocative“.

“Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he has seen NO outward sign that North Korea will follow through soon on its plan to conduct a test. But that DOES NOT mean preparations are not under way” of course/obviously. “They HAVE THE CAPABILITY, frankly, to conduct these tests in a way that MAKES IT VERY DIFFICULT TO DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THEY’RE DOING IT” like CHINAONLY WORSE. He added that the US administration was “PREPARED TO DEAL WITH ANY kind of provocation from the North Koreans”“prepared to DEAL WITH…” Does this include GOING TO WAR?

“North Korea’s National Defense Commission said a nuclear test was part of “upcoming” action DIRECTED AGAINST the US, but did not say exactly when or where it would take place. The commission, led by leader Kim Jong-un, also made clear that its long-range rockets are designed to carry warheads AIMED AT striking the US”WOWThis is yet another EXPLICIT THREATThis is an example of Kim Jong-UN flexing his political and military muscles“Un” after allmeans ONESo this is the latest example of Kim Jong-UN taking a step in that direction (i.e. taking a step in CONSOLIDATING HIS POSITION as THE TOP DOG in North Korea).

“White House spokesman Jay Carney said a nuclear test “would only increase Pyongyang’s ISOLATION“. Well, the DPRK DOESN’T SEEM TO MIND “isolation”In fact this is what Kim Jong-un PREFERS because that wayhe can commit horrific acts that violate human rights WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING.

“North Korea’s statement is NEEDLESSLY PROVOCATIVE and a test would be A SIGNIFICANT VIOLATION of United Nations Security Council resolutions”Again THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT NORTH KOREA INTENDEDLike CHINA, North Korea DOESN’T CARE ABOUT the UN.

“The US, supported by Japan and South Korea, spearheaded the new UN resolution. China, North Korea’s main ally, supported the bid (ONLY) after lengthy negotiations in which it agreed to expand the number of entities under existing restrictions rather than create a new set of sanctions”. China, of course, is the SECOND most restrictive country after North Korea in terms of media freedom (Web-site/URL:’s_Republic_of_China).

“The United States added names to a blacklist that freezes any US-based assets of designated individuals and groups and makes it a crime for anyone in the United States to assist them”.

“in a statement”, the State Department said: “North Korea WILL CONTINUE TO face isolation if it refuses to take concrete steps to address the concerns of the international community over its nuclear and missile programs“. Again North Korea DOESN’T CARE ABOUT “the concerns of the international community”.

“The State Department blacklisted the Korean Committee for Space Technology, which carries out Pyongyang’s rocket launches and two related individuals”Who might these “two related individuals” be?

“The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on a Hong Kong-based trading company, Leader (Hong Kong) International Trading Ltd, which it accused of assisting shipments for North Korea’s main arms dealer”. So HONG KONG might be a DPRK ally? This is DEEPLY troubling.

“It also blacklisted two Beijing-based representatives from the Tanchon Commercial Bank, which it said was the financial arm of Korea’s Mining Development Trading Corporation, accused of missile transactions with IRANIran of course is AN EVEN BIGGER CIRCUS than North Korea.

Finally, “North Korea’s sole major ally China urged “ALL relevant parties” to SHOW RESTRAINT” and again THEY DON’T HAVE TO because this is CHINA the country that aims to DOMINATE EVERYONE.”Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters in Beijing” ALL relevant parties should refrain from action THAT MIGHT (?) ESCALATE the situation in the region”.

This is yet another EASY conclusionThis is THE LATEST “threat” from the DPRKIt also reinforces what North Korean officials have said repeatedly: there will be NO CHANGE in policy under Kim Jong-UnHe will continue to follow the HIGHLY PROVOCATIVE path that his fatherKIM JONG-IL and his grandfather, KIM IL-SUNGfollowedAgain, this is nothing more than PROPAGANDA from a reclusive regime.


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