EGYPT: Death Sentences in Football Stampede (Al-Jazeera)

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on January 27, 2013 is “Deaths in Egypt after football fans sentenced” (Web-site/URL:

“At least 32 people killed in Port Said (MONA ELTAHAWY‘s hometown CLASHES after 21 fans sentenced to death over last year’s (2012) deadly football riot. This is a story that BEL TREW has been working on (Web-site/URL: Again, “clashes” are VIOLENT.

“At least 32 people have been KILLED, including at least two police officers, during protests in Port Said after a court handed out 21 DEATH SENTENCES in connection with last year’s (2012) deadly football riot in the Mediterranean city”. People usually associate “Mediterranean” with RESORTS and ROMANCEnot with DEATH and these deaths were HORRIFYINGbecause these people were essentially TRAMPLED to death. 

“At least 74 people were KILLED IN THE RIOT on February 1, 2012, which began minutes after the final whistle in a game between Port Said-based al-Masry and the Cairo-based al-Ahly”Again, “riots” are VIOLENT and MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE GET CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE.

“Al-Masry fans STORMED THE PITCH after their team won, THROWING STONES, BOTTLES and FIREWORKS at al-Ahly supporters. Witnesses said that police at the stadium DID NOTHING to stop the violence, which set off days of violent protests in the capital Cairo”Again, this is reminiscent of scenes from THE REVOLUTION THAT TOPPLED HOSNI MUBARAKmore specifically what ABC‘s CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR had to go through/experienced (Web-site/URL:

Al Jazeera‘s Rawya Rageh, reporting from the city (Cairo), said that people in plainclothes were firing AUTOMATIC WEAPONS“, “weapons” that CNN‘s PIERS MORGAN is fighting so hard to ban.

“in a statement carried by THE OFFICIAL MENA news agency”, General Ahmed Wasfi said: “It has been decided to deploy some units to work for CALM and STABILITY (?) and the protection of public establishments“. The Egyptian military certainly DOES NOT represent “calm and stability”Instead/On the contrary, they represent CHAOS and ANARCHYAlso this is “the official” opinion which we know is HORRENDOUSLY BIASED, of course.

“Families of the victims inside the courtroom, meanwhile, reacted with joy and disbelief, cheering and holding pictures of their relatives. “The police are THUGS“, yelled relatives before the judge took the bench”.

“Al-Ahly supporters have blocked roads, bridges, and Cairo’s metro system over the past few days. “JUSTICE or BLOOD“, they warned in a statement on Facebook”As we’ve seen on many occasions now“justice” OFTEN LEADS TO “blood” being spilledTHIS IS TRULY TRAGIC.

Finally, “one of the defendants’ lawyers told the Associated Press by telephone”: “There is nothing to say these people did anythingand we don’t understand what this verdict is based on. [This was] a  POLITICAL decision to CALM THE PUBLIC“. Againthis is

CHAOS/ANARCHY IN EGYPT RAGES ONFirst, all the anger was aimed at SCAF followed by MOHAMED MORSY and now we have clashes and anger because of A FOOTBALL/SOCCER MATCHEgypt is clearly SPIRALING TOWARD THE ABYSS.


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