More “Clashes” in EGYPT: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on February 1, 2013 is “Outside palace, Egypt protesters (and), police clash” (Web-site/URL:

“Protesters denouncing Egypt’s Islamist president HURLED STONES and FIREBOMBS through the gates of his palace gates on Friday (February 1, 2013)CLASHING WITH security forces who FIRED TEAR GAS and WATER CANNONS, as more than a week of political violence came to Mohammed Morsi’s symbolic doorstep for the first time”“hurled stones and firebombs” and “fired tear gas and water cannons” are VIOLENT actions.

“The march on the palace in an upscale district of the capital was part of a wave of demonstrations in cities around the country called by opposition politicians, trying to WREST concessions from Morsi after around 60 people were KILLED in PROTESTS,CLASHES and RIOTS“, all of which could be VIOLENT, but “wrest concessions from” “killed”“clashes” and “riots” ARE DEFINITELY violent and “wrest concessions from” is yet another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“But many of the protesters go further, saying he must be REMOVED FROM OFFICE, accusing his Muslim Brotherhood of MONOPOLIZING POWER  and failing to deal with the country’s MOUNTING WOES. Many have been FURTHER ANGERED BY Morsi’s PRAISE OF the security forces after the high death toll, which is widely BLAMED on EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE“. The “force and pain technique” is being used constantly (Web-site/URL:

“The day’s unrest, however, risked boosting attempts by the government and Brotherhood to taint the opposition as violent and destructive — a tack Morsi supporters have taken for weeks” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:”In a statement issued amid the clashes, Morsi said “political forces involved in INCITEMENT” are responsible for the violence and spoke of an investigation. He called on all factions to condemn what he called an attempt to break into the palace and said security forces would “ACT DECISIVELY to protect state institutions“. “political forces involved in incitement” is synonymous with MUAMAR GADHAFI talking about al-Qaeda or BASHAR AL-ASSAD talking about “armed gangs”“armed groups” or “terrorists”. Also “act decisively” suggests that the “force and pain technique” will be used once again (Web-site/URL:

According to Ahmed Hamdi, “an 18-year-old protester, who wore thick gloves so he could PICK UP TEAR GAS CANISTERS AND THROW THEM BACK AT POLICE“, “People are here for many reasons, but I came here because I want to GET RID OF THIS REGIME“. This is something we’ve seen/read/heard since THE REVOLUTION STARTED TO OUST HOSNI MUBARAK. “He, like others, said he wanted “retribution” — punishment for police over protester deaths the past week and in previous clashes”. “retribution”, of course = REVENGEwhich, of course, is an “Ambassador of Doom” (Web-site/URL:

Hamdi, “who had a close friend killed in earlier clashes”, went on: “This is a matter of LIFE AND DEATH for me“.

“The fighting started when a crowd of several thousand marched to the (presidential) palace, chanting, “the people want THE FALL OF THE REGIME ,” and “LEAVE, LEAVE, Morsi”. This sounds all too familiar from the 2011 revolution.

“Morsi’s aides and the Brotherhood, in turn, have ACCUSED the opposition of using the streets and condoning violence in an attempt to overturn the results of elections that Islamists have won repeatedly, securing their power. They have tried to link the political opposition to a group of protesters called the Black Bloc, who wear black masks and have vowed to “DEFEND the revolution“. The Brotherhood of course is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: and “accused” is the latest/another example of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL:

“On Friday (February 1, 2013), thousands of residents marched through Port Said, located at the Suez Canal’s Mediterranean end, pumping their fists and chanting, “LEAVE, LEAVE,

“voicing a wide sentiment among residents that they are FED UP WITH and MISTREATMENT by central government and that they want to have virtual independence”, protesters chanted: “The people want the Republic of PORT SAID (?)” Surely MONA ELTAHAWY had something to do with thisAlso “fed up with” is another/the latest expression of ANGER/DISGUST.

“Egypt’s main opposition political grouping, the National Salvation Front (NSF), called for Friday’s (February 1, 2013) protests, DEMANDING Morsi (Morsy) form a NATIONAL UNITY (?) government and amend the constitution. They say the unrest reflects the widespread discontent over Brotherhood attempts to rule alone and keep decision-making in its own hands”. THERE ISN’T much “unity” ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD THESE DAYSAlso “demanding” is another fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

“In a statement”, the NSF said: The policies of the president and the Muslim Brotherhood are PUSHING THE COUNTRY TO THE BRINK” of COLLAPSE.

“But there were signs of SPLITS and CONFUSION in the opposition ranks after leaders of the Front met for the first time with the Brotherhood as part of a dialogue hosted by Egypt’s premier Islamic institution, Al-Azhar. The Front had previously refused talks with the Brotherhood UNTIL ITS CONDITIONS WERE MET“. This is yet another example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

“With Front leader Mohamed ElBaradei and the deputy leader of the Brotherhood at the same table, the gathering of A SPECTRUM of politicians signed a joint statement denouncing violence”. “a spectrum”, of course = A FREAK SHOW.

“The statement, known as the Al-Azhar Document, angered some in the ANTIMorsi camp. It seemed to focus on violence by protesters with NO MENTION of excessive force by POLICE or the wider political issues“. This document is a FAILURE/IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING“excessive force by police” is THE MAIN PROBLEM/CULPRIT.

 “in a statement CRITICIZING the meeting, a group of 70 activists, LIBERAL politicians, actors and writers said”: “Al-Azhar’s initiative TALKS TOO BROADLY about violence“. THIS IS INDEED a problem. There aren’t any SPECIFICS. “They said the document GIVES “POLITICAL COVER to EXPAND the REPRESSION, DETENTION,KILLING and TORTURE by the hands of police for the authority’s benefit”. It’s NOT as if Egyptian “authorities” need ANY MORE “benefits”.

“The documentDIDN’T offer solutions, but came to give MORE LEGITIMACY to the existing authority”Again the Muslim Brotherhood already has PLENTY OF powerThey DON’T need any more.

“Those who attended the Thursday’s (January 31, 2013) meeting DEFENDED the anti-violence initiative“, another example of DEFENSIVE behavior (Web-site/URL:

ElBaradei tweeted: “We toppled the Mubarak regime with a PEACEFUL (?) revolution” WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE KILLED AND THIS NUMBER STILL GOING UP? “We insist on achieving the goals the same way whatever the sacrifices and the BARBARIC suppression tactics“.

Finally, Ahmed Said, an opposition party leader, finished off:NO ONE can say no to an initiative to STOP VIOLENCE“. IS HE SURE? Just like SYRIAthe opposition to Morsy seems to be INCREDIBLY DISORGANIZED/SPLINTERED.

This is yet another EASY conclusion“Egypt protesters (and) police clash” ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS NOW so this IS NOT news anymore, or at least this SHOULDN’T BE shocking anymoreThe only thing we can say here is that WE ARE TROUBLED BY THIS CONTINUING VIOLENCE.


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