MALALA YOUSAFZAI SPEAKS PUBLICLY For the First Time Since Attack: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Malala Yousafzai SPEAKS PUBLICLY for first time since Taliban shooting: (Web-site/URL:

“in a short video released on Monday (February 42013)”Yousafzai said: ”Today (February 4, 2013) you can see that I’m aliveI can speak. I can see you. I can see everyoneI’m getting better day by day. It’s just because THE PRAYERS OF PEOPLEbecause ALL the people—menwomenchildrenALL OF THEMALL OF THEM—have prayed for me. And because of these prayers, God has given me this new lifeAnd this is a second lifeThis is a new life“.

Yousafzai, “wearing a traditional headscarf that hid any scars from the bullet “, added: “I want to SERVEI want to SERVE THE PEOPLEAnd I wantevery GIRL, (and) every childto be educated“. We must emphasize “girl” because in countries/areas/regions such as CHINA HONG KONG and TAIWAN there is still this SUPER-traditional attitude that women should just sit at home and prepare to get pregnant or if they worktheir husbands/boyfriends must earn MORE than they do.

“Gordon Brown, the U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education, launched a U.N. petition (“I Am Malala”) in her name, demanding that all children—including Pakistani GIRLS—have access to schooling”. Let’s extend this to CHINESE “girls” because EVEN AFTER gettingeducatedpeople in SUPER-traditional families will say that women SHOULDN’T work because they should be preparing to get pregnant instead.

Finally, “In November (2012)Time magazine nominated Yousafzai as one of its 2012 “Person of the Year” candidates. Yousafzai,…”has become AN INSPIRATIONnot only in her native Pakistanwhere the culture wars over women’s rights and religious diversity have taken many violent turns—but ALL AROUND THE GLOBE“. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.

We now essentially have to monitor Malala’s (we’re referring to her by her first name because she is only a child) situation in the same way that we’re tracking ROBIN ROBERTS’ recovery from her bone marrow transplantSo the fact that this young heroine is talking is certainly a HUGE POSITIVE STEPSo, just like we have #TeamRobin for Roberts, we should now have #TeamMalala. WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF HER and we are all #TeamMalala.


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