“Clashes” at TUNISIAN Opposition Leader’s Funeral: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Slain Tunisian politician buried amid CLASHES” (Web-site/URL: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2013/02/201328103720860283.html). Of course, “clashes” are VIOLENT.

“Tens of thousands take to (the) streets for (the) funeral procession of Shokri Belaid amid NATIONWIDE PROTESTS“. “protests” should in theory be LESS violent than “clashes” EXCEPT IN THE MIDDLE EAST where they are almost JUST AS VIOLENT.

“Tens of thousands of mourners have gathered for the funeral of an assassinated Tunisian opposition leader, chanting anti-government slogans, with CLASHES  reported outside the cemetery where he was buried”. Once again, “clashes” are VIOLENT.

“Police FIRED TEAR GAS and clashed with protesters on Friday (February 8 2013) as people joined the funeral of Shokri Belaid, whose murder by an unidentified gunman has PLUNGED Tunisia INTO POLITICAL CRISIS“, as if this ISN’T the case alreadyIn other words, Tunisia HAS ALREADY “plunged into political crisis” and again “fired tear gas” and “clashed with” implies VIOLENCE

“The authorities had earlier FIRED SHOTS IN THE AIR to disperse youths who were SMASHING CARS in the area. The interior ministry said 132 people were arrested and estimated the size of the funeral crowd at 40,000″. Again“fired shots in the air” and “smashing cars” are VIOLENT actions.

“Belaid was buried at around 15:00 GMT at a cemetery in southern Tunis. As his body was lowered into the ground, thousands of people cried  “Allahu akbar!” [God is greatest] before singing the national anthem and reciting the opening verse of the Quran”.

“mourners shouted” “With our blood and our souls we will sacrifice ourselves foTHE MARTYR” (while) also (chanting) slogans DENOUNCING the Ennahda party as “ASSASSINS“. “denouncing” is yet another/the latest example of “Blaming & Criticizing” (Web-site/URL:

Al Jazeera‘s Hashem Ahelbarra, reporting from Tunis, said the strike called by the North African country’s biggest union had caused MASS DISRUPTIONS, with most businesses closed and even the international airport being affected“. “A big army force is out to PREVENT ANY CLASHES between protestersTHIS IS THE BIGGEST CONCERN, to have CASUALTIES. IT COULD (?) PLUNGE Tunisia back into more VIOLENCE and UNCERTAINTY“, two things which we DON’T need any more of/we could do WITHOUT.

“Belaid’s widow Besma held two fingers in the air in a VICTORY sign as a chant of “The people WANT A NEW REVOLUTION” rang out. The murdered politician’s eight-year-old daughter fainted amid the chaotic and emotional scenes as the procession set off on its 3.5 km journey to the cemetery”. “the people want a new revolution” of course is something we’ve seen/read/heard repeatedly over the course of these Arab revolutions.

“Hamma Hammami, a leader of the Popular Front, the alliance of leftist parties to which Belaid belonged, gave a graveside oration, followed by a minute’s silence”.

“Hammami told the huge crowd of mourners thronging El-Jellaz cemetery” “Rest in peace, Shokri, WE WILL CONTINUE ON YOUR PATH” or more accurately “We will continue on your” REVOLUTIONARY “path”.

“Meanwhile, Tunisia’s Prime Minister Hamdi Jebali has urged his people to OVERCOME THEIR DIFFERENCES following the assassination of Belaid”Of course “overcome their differences” is BECOMING INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT since POLITICS seems to be everywhere these days.

“Earlier in the day, crowds in Tunis surged around an open army truck carrying Belaid’s coffin, draped in a red and white Tunisian flag, from a cultural center in the slain leader’s home district of Jebel al-Jaloud”.

“Belaid, rest in peace, WE WILL CONTINUE THE STRUGGLE” they chanted, holding slain leader’s portrait. Many shouted slogans against Rachid Ghannouchi, leader of the Ennahda party”. “We will continue the struggle” of courseis another common REVOLUTIONARY cry/vow.

Al Jazeera‘s Ahmed Janabi, reporting from Tunis, said supporters of Ennahda had gathered outside parliament. They said they had come out to “DEFEND THE REVOLUTION” and DENOUNCE the assassination of Belaid”“denounce” is the latest/yet another example of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-AJviZ8Itk).

“After the funeral, Prime Minister Jebali, in a televised address, reasserted his conviction that a new non-partisan government was needed, despite Ennahda rejecting the prime minister’s proposal to dissolve the government IN A BID TO RESTORE CALM“. Of course the situation in many Arab countries is ANYTHING BUT “calm” these days.

“I INSIST on my decision to form a technocratic government“, “he told reporters, saying this WOULD NOT require the approval of the National Constituent Assembly”“I insist” is the latest/another example of ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

So, we have more “clashes” amid the Arab uprisingsThis is IN LINE WITH EXPECTATIONS (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).


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