February Snowstorm in NORTHEAST: CBS

The title of a recently released CBS News article is “Snowstorm hits NYC, Boston; 1 to 3 FEET FEARED” (Web-site/URL: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57568328/snowstorm-hits-nyc-boston-1-to-3-feet-feared/).

According to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, “This is a storm of MAJOR PROPORTIONSSTAY OFF THE ROADS. STAY HOME“. This sure sounds like an ORDERan ULTIMATUM.

According to Alan Dunham, “meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Taunton, Mass.”, “This one DOESN’T come along every day” which is good. “This is going to be a DANGEROUS winter storm“. This is A CONCERN. “Wherever you need to get to, get there by Friday afternoon (February 8, 2013) and DON’T PLAN ON LEAVING“. This is yet another ULTIMATUM.

According to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “We HOPE forecasts are EXAGGERATING the amount of snow, but YOU NEVER CAN TELL” of course, “adding that at least the bad weather is arriving on a weekend, when the traffic is lighter and snowplows can clean up the streets more easily“.

According to meteorologist Terry Eliason, “executive weather producer of CBS station WBZ“, “This storm has the potential to be one of those events that you remember for a lifetime,”

“Dunham said southern New England has seen less than half its normal snowfall this season but, “We’re going to catch up IN A HECK OF A HURRY“, adding, “Everybody’s going to get PLASTERED WITH  SNOW“.

“Diane Lopes was among the shoppers who packed a supermarket Thursday (February 7, 2013) in the coastal fishing city of Gloucester, Mass. She said she went to a different grocery earlier in the day, but it was too crowded. Lopes said she has strep throat and normally wouldn’t leave the house but had to stock up on basic foods — “and LOTS OF wine“.

“She chuckled at the excitement the storm was creating in a place where snow is routine.

Why are us New Englanders so CRAZY, right?”

“At a Shaw’s supermarket in Belmont, Mass., Susan Lichtenstein stocked up, with memories of a 1978 blizzard on her mind. “This is PANIC shopping , so bread, milk, (and even) a snow shovel IN CASE OUR SNOW SHOVEL BREAKS” which is ALWAYS a possibilityAlso, it’s NOT as if we need anything else to “panic” over/about.

Finally, “Terrance Rodriguez, a doorman at a luxury apartment complex in Boston,TOOK THE FORECAST IN STRIDE“. “IT’S JUST ANOTHER DAY in Boston.IT’S TO BE EXPECTED. We’re in a town where IT’S GOING TO SNOW. It’s like DOOMSDAY PREP.IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE. People just TAKE IT TO THE EXTREME“. “took the forecast in stride”WOWThis POSITIVE comment seems to be THE EXCEPTION rather than the norm these days.

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “”Snowstorm hits NYC, Boston; 1 to 3 FEET FEAREDIt’s NOT as if we need ANY MORE “fear”WE HAVE ENOUGH OF THAT IN THE WORLD ALREADY.

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