A Cold Case: SARAI SIERRA Murdered (Chapter 2): ABC

The title of an ABC News article released on February 5, 2013 is “Sarai Sierra’s Photos Become Big Sellers As Family Puts Them Online” (Web-site/URL: http://abcnews.go.com/International/sarai-sierras-photos-big-sellers-family-puts-online/story?id=18410697#.URrvE90QrQI.twitter).

“The family of Sarai Sierra, an amateur New York photographer slain while on a trip to Turkey, put her photos up for sale today (February 5, 2013) and QUICKLY sold enough photographs to pay for her funeral, the woman’s brother said today (February 5, 2013)” .

The photos remain on sale and the profits will now be going to her two young sons, the family said”.

“Sierra, 33, was found BLUDGEONED TO DEATH near a highway in Istanbul on Saturday (February 2, 2013). Her iPhone and iPad, the tools she used to share her photos with her thousands of Instagram followers were reportedly missing”.

“on a web-site set up to sell his sister’s photography”, Sierra’s brother David Jimenez wrote: “Sarai’s passion for photography and love for capturing the beauty we see in culture, architecture and scenery was her reason for traveling to Istanbul” AGAINST ALL ODDS.

“The Staten Island mother of two traveled to Turkey alone on Jan. 7 after a friend had to cancel”. We have to wonder why Sierra chose TURKEY of all places to go on holiday. Turkey after all is very close to SYRIA, a country with A RUTHLESS DICTATOR (Bashar al-Assad) who considers almost all foreigners (except maybe RUSSIANS) to be “terrorists” or members of “armed gangs” or “armed groups”. “It was Sierra’s first overseas trip, and she kept in contact with her family the entire time, they said, sharing stories of her journey and posting photos online”.

“By this afternoon (February 5, 2013), Jimenez put out another message saying, “Hey Instacanvas, Thank you for all the support in purchasing Sarai’s pictures. Quick update, all expenses for Sarai’s funeral have been paid for! From here on out, any picture of hers that you purchase will NOT be going towards her funeral. All funds (from here on out) will be going to her children. Thank you for your support. David”It’s still a worthy cause.

“On Monday (February 4, 2013)Betsy Jimenez, Sierra’s mother, said: “They’re still investigating so they might think it might be a ROBBERY, but they’re not sure“. This must be HORRIFYING because again NO PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THE HORROR OF BURYING A CHILD.

Finally, according to Rep. Michael Grimm, “It’s going to be the hardest thing he’s (Steven Sierra) ever going to have to do in his life“, “who added that the Staten Island family isn’t sure when Steven Sierra will be able to bring his wife’s BODY home”. This is the most HORRIFYING and HEARTBREAKING event that could happen to anyone: when the person we love goes missing and all we find is a “body”.

An earlier article was titled “Social media shows marital discord between Sarai Sierra and husband days before the Staten Island mother was found dead (http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/social-media-shows-sarai-sierra-marietal-strife-article-1.1260331#ixzz2KkL5Pquj). If we look at the video clip in this article this certainly DOES NOT seem to be the case. On the contrary we see a man who is VERY MUCH IN LOVE with his wife.

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