CHRISTOPHER DORNER Dead as Standoff With Police Comes To An End: ABC

The title of a recently released ABC News article is “Christopher Dorner Was Hiding Just Steps From Dragnet’s Command Center” (Web-site/URL:

Though they have NOT YET identified burned remains found at the scene of Tuesday’s (February 12 2013) fiery, armed standoff, San Bernardino, Calif., officials consider the manhunt over for Christopher Dorner, the fugitive ex-cop accused of going on a killing spree”. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

According to San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon, “The events that occurred yesterday in the Big Bear area BROUGHT TO A CLOSE (?)  an extensive manhunt (even though) I CANNOT ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY confirm it was him“. Then how can the sheriff make such EVALUATIVE remarks?

“However, he noted the physical description of the suspect authorities pursued to a cabin at the standoff scene, as well as the suspect’s behavior during the chase and standoff, matched Dorner, 33″.

“The charred remains of a body believed to be Dorner was removed from another cabin, high in the San Bernadino Mountains near Big BearCalif., the site of Dorner’s last stand. Cornered inside the mountain cabin, the suspect shot at cops, killing one deputy and wounding another, before the building was consumed by flames”.

McMahon went on: “We DID NOT (?) INTENTIONALLY burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out”, “though he noted pyrotechnic canisters known as “burners” were fired into the cabin during a tear gas assault in an effort to flush out Dorner. The canisters generate high temperatures, he added”.

“The deputies wounded in the firefight were airlifted to a nearby hospital, where one died, police said”.

“The deceased deputy was identified tonight as Det. Jeremiah MacKay, 35, a 15-year veteran and the father of two children — a daughter, 7 and son, 4 months old”MacKay’s 7-year-old daughter must be REELING.

McMahon continued: “Our department is grieving from this event. It is A TERRIBLE DEAL for all of us“, “a terrible” ORDEAL.

The Associated Press quoted MacKay on the Dorner dragnet Tuesday (February 12, 2013), noting that he had been on patrol since 5 a.m. Saturday (February 9, 2013)”, “”This one YOU JUST NEVER KNOW IF the guy’s going to pop out, or where he’s going to pop outWe’re HOPING this comes to a close without more casualties. The best thing would be for him to GIVE UP“. That clearly DIDN’T happen, at least not VOLUNTARILY.

“The wounded deputy, identified as Alex Collins, was undergoing multiple surgeries for his wounds at a hospital, McMahon said, but was expected to make a full recovery”. That’s good.

“Before the final standoff, Dorner was apparently holed up in a snow-covered cabin in the California mountains just steps from where police had set up a command post and held press conferences during a five-day manhunt”.

“The manhunt for Dorner, one of the biggest in recent memory, led police to follow clues across the West and into Mexico, but it ended just miles from where Dorner’s trail went cold last week”.

According to Ashley King, “a waitress in the nearby town of Angelus Oaks, Calif.”, “I’m glad NO ONE ELSE CAN GET HURT and THEY CAUGHT HIM. I’m HAPPY (that) they caught the bad guy“.

“His presence was detected Tuesday (February 14, 2013) when two women arrived at the cabin to clean it and were TIED UP. Dorner stole their car and fled. One of the women eventually worked herself free and alerted police, according to California Fish and Game Department spokesman Andrew Hughan. The Fish and Game officers were assisting in the dragnet for Dorner”.

“Dorner CRASHED that car and HIJACKED a pickup truck as officials from the state Fish and Game Department pursued him”. “crashed” and “hijacked” are the latest VIOLENT words.

According to Rick Heltebrake, the pickup’s driver, “I saw some MOVEMENT IN THE TREES and it was Christopher DornerAnd he came out onto the road, out of the snowAnd he was DRESSED IN ALL CAMOUFLAGE and had A BIG ASSAULT, SNIPER-TYPE RIFLE” precisely the type that President Obama aims to ban/keep off the streets. “And he had A VEST on, like A BALLISTICS VESTHe was dressed up to do SOME (?) damage, it looked like. He said, ‘I DON’T want to hurt you. Just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog with you‘”.

“Dorner then took off into the woods on foot, where sheriff’s deputies pursued him to a rental cabin in which he BARRICADED HIMSELF and BEGAN FIRING“.

“McMahon told reporters Wednesday evening (February 13, 2013)” There were ROUNDS BEING FIRED. It was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. It was like BEING IN A WAR ZONE“.

“McMahon called the deputies at the scene “heroes” for persisting in the face of fire from the cabin, noting, “The rounds kept coming, but the deputies DID NOT GIVE UP“.

“Some local television stations broadcast police scanner traffic of the firefight, punctuated by the sound of automatic gunfire”.

Finally, LAPD spokesman Lt. Andrew Neiman finished off: “It was HORRIFYING to listen to that firefight and to hear those words. ‘Officer down‘ is THE MOST GUT-WRENCHING  experience that you can have as a police officerobviously.

So, although HORRIFYINGthis brings another BLOODY chapter to a close and HOPEFULLY the families of those who have left us can have some CLOSUREOn a far more serious note, once againthese killings reinforce the need for STIFFER GUN CONTROL LAWS. That’s THE ONLY way to ensure, as much as possiblethat NO MORE LIVES ARE SENSELESSLY CUT SHORT/NO ONE ELSE IS SO SENSELESSLY TAKEN AWAY FROM US.


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