The title of a recently released ABC News article is “‘Blade RunnerOscar Pistorius Kept Weapons in His Bedroom for Security, Journalist Says” (Web-site/URL: http://abcnews.go.com/International/blade-runner-oscar-pistorius-weapons-bedroom-security-journalist/story?id=18498402#.UR1gYHPy6J4.twitter).

“Oscar Pistorius, the Ol with the murder of his girlfriend at his South Africa home, kept a handgun by his bedside and a “MACHINE gun” in his bedroom, according to a British journalist who has spent time with him”. “machine guns” of course are MILITARY-STYLE ASSAULT WEAPONS weapons that CNN‘s PIERS MORGAN is fighting so hard to get off U.S. streets.

“Pistorius, who has been nicknamed the “BLADE runner” for the carbon-fiber blades on which he runs, was accused today (February 14, 2013) of killing his girlfriend, 30-year-old model Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius allegedly shot Steenkamp several times at his home overnight (February 14, 2013) in the South African capital of Pretoria”.

“The sprinter, who took home gold and silver medals at the London Paralympics in 2012, enjoyed firing guns and would often LEAVE HIS HOME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to shoot at a nearby range, according to Daily Mail writer Jonathan McEvoy, who spent time at Pistorius’ Silverwoods estate on the outskirts of Pretoria in 2011″“leave his home IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to shoot at a nearby range” is a HUGE red flagThis implies that Pistorius DID NOT WANT STEENKAMP TO HAVE ANY IDEA THAT HE WAS PLANNING TO KILL HER.

“in a telephone interview from London”McEvoy said: “He ENJOYED shooting“. This is DEEPLY troubling given what has recently happened. “There was a range nearby, and WHEN HE WASN’T ABLE TO SLEEP IN THE NIGHT, HE’D GO THERE“. This is DEEPLY TROUBLING because it suggests that Pistorius has PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS.  “He had A SMALL GUN by his bed and A BIG GUN by the window, some sort of MACHINE GUN“, precisely the type/kind of weapons that CNN‘s PIERS MORGAN is campaigning so hard to keep OFF US streets.

“McEvoy said Pistorius told him”: “It’s USUALLY safe in guarded estates like this UNTIL THAT HAPPENS“. PISTORIUS is saying this and PISTORIUS is accused of murder? HOW IRONIC.

“McEvoy said Pistorius had an UNUSUALLY LARGE arsenal“. “EVEN by the standards of a VERY SCARY area where he lived, IT WAS UNUSUAL for him to have as much as that“.

“McEvoy described Pistorius as GENERALLY easy going and relaxed, but PRONE TO DRASTIC SHIFTS IN MOOD “. “On days his mood would swing THE OTHER WAY and he could be very MISERABLE and DOWN, surly (dark or dismal) and THERE WAS NO REASON TO EXPLAIN IT“. This ERRATIC BEHAVIOR is VERY DANGEROUS and obviously a HUGE red flag.

“South African Sports journalist Lelo Mzaca REFUTED RUMORS that Pistorius was ANTI-FEMALE  in an interview today with ABC News“.”There have been RUMORS about him NOT BEING A NICE PERSON and NOT HAVING A GOOD TRACK RECORD as far as some (?) girlfriends are concerned. I’ve NEVER encountered that side of Oscar Pistorius, because every time I’ve met the man, he’s been AN ABSOLUTE GENTLEMAN“. Perhaps these “rumors” are TRUE nowIn other wordsperhaps these AREN’T “rumors”Again, this is DEEPLY troubling.

Finally, “A spokesperson for Pistorius at Fast Track in London said Pistorius is “assisting the police with their investigation, but THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER COMMENT until matters become clearer“.

Again, we can say that Oscar Pistorius DID NOT behave in a way that we have a right to expect ROLE MODELS to behaveHE NOW HAS A DARK CLOUD HANGING OVER HIS HEAD.


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