CARNIVAL TRIUMPH Passengers “(Become) COMRADES”: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Cruise passengers BECAME COMRADES (?) on trip home” (Web-site/URL: “became comrades” is certainly something we HAVEN’T seen/read/heard in quite some time.

“Sandy Jackson, of Houston, was fortunate to have an upper-level room with a balcony and a breeze that kept the air in her cabin fresh. Rooms on the lower decks were too foul or stifling, so Jackson TOOK IN five people, including four strangers”. “We knew one, the others we’re very good friends with nowEveryone was VERY CORDIAL in SHARING SUPPLIES. What you had and they didn’t have, everyone SHARED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE“sharing” is something that we HAVEN’T seen for quite a while now.

“Brandi Dorsett, of Sweeny, Texas, said people were ANTSY and IRRITABLE at times and there was TENSION. But IT NEVER GOT OUT OF HAND“. We have MORE THAN ENOUGH “irritable” and “antsy people” in the world today“but things never got out of hand” is certainly GOOD/A POSITIVE. “People were BARTERING. Can I have your cereal for this? Can I have your drink for thatWe had one lady, she was begging for cigarettes for diapers. There were no diapers on the boat. There was no (baby) formula on the boat“. “cigarettes for diapers?” WHAT AN INTERESTING TRADE.

SWEET HOME Alabama!” read one of the homemade signs passengers hung over the side”. This was clearly an expression of RELIEF.

“Many of the more than 4,200 people aboard were bused to New Orleans to catch a flight home or to the ship’s home port in Galveston. And as if they HADN’T suffered enough, one of the buses  BROKE DOWN during the two-hour ride to New Orleans. Passengers on a different bus reported LOSING THEIR LUGGAGE“. NOT GOOD..

“But that was nothing compared to life on the crippled cruise liner. To pass the time, Joseph Alvarez said about 45 people gathered in a public room on the lower deck for Bible study”. “It was AWESOME (?)” “Bible study” is “awesome?” “It LIFTED UP OUR SOULS and GAVE US HOPE THAT WE COULD GET BACK“. OK, this is legit.

“Because many passengers were sleeping on the outside deck, Dwayne Chapman of Lake Charles, La., used his pocket knife to cut decorative rope to make tents out of bed sheets. At first, other passengers told him they thought he was going to get in trouble, but later, everyone wanted to borrow his knife to do the same thing”.

According to Chapman’s wife, Kim, “I really think we’ve made SOME LIFELONG FRIENDS GOING THROUGH THIS ORDEAL” which is something POSITIVE to take away from this “ordeal”.

“When it was over, many passengers were just grateful for simple pleasures. After days of warm drinks, Cheryl McIntosh and her husband were glad to see coolers full of ICE”. “The first thing we did was open up those Diet Cokes and we drank some“. As we know, Diet Coke is certainly NOT the best drink.

“David Glocker, of Jacksonville, Fla., PRAISED the crew’s efforts to help passengers and recognized the conditions for them were worse than for most passengers because their quarters were on the lowest part of the ship”. “The conditions down there were HORRIBLE. They all had to wear MASKS” because of all the AIR POLLUTION. “THEY WORKED THEIR BUTTS OFF TRYING to get us food“.

“Dorsett praised a voice over the ship’s public address system that she knew as “Jen”“Jen was FABULOUS. I can remember her sayingEverything is BRILLIANT! One day, she was just talking and she said, ‘ I know, folks, it just really sucks‘. So she was even LETTING GO. She would try to keep that HAPPY spirit, but yet sometimes you could hear TENSION in her“. We already have MORE THAN ENOUGH “tension” in the world today already.

“Six investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were in Mobile to look into the cause of the ENGINE ROOM FIRE, which happened some 150 miles off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula”.

“Connie Ede, of Houston, was on the cruise with her husband. During the fire, the two got their life jackets ready and put cellphones, passports, money and credit cards in their pockets”. “All in all, I wish it HADN’T happened, but it did and we SURVIVEDthankfully.

Finally “Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill apologized at a news conference and again on the PA system as people disembarked”. “I appreciate the patience of our guests and their ability to cope with the situation. … I know the conditions on board were VERY POOR” obviously. “We pride ourselves on providing our guests with a great vacation experience and clearly we FAILED in this particular case“.

This seems to be a COSTA CONCORDIA-like situation or more accuratelyDISASTERIf there’s anything good to say about thisit seemed like people were NICE to others and the crew were NOT negligent .However, Carnival Cruises is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL:


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