Pistorius & Reeva Steenkamp “PLANNED FUTURE” Together? Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on February 16, 2013 is “Pistorius, slain girlfriend had PLANNED FUTURE: uncle” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/pistorius-girlfriend-were-planning-future-uncle-142136511–finance.html).

“South African Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius, known as the “Blade Runner”, was planning a future with the girlfriend he is accused of shooting dead this week, his uncle said on Saturday (February 16, 2013)”.

“Pistorius, 26, one of the world’s most recognizable athletes, was charged on Friday (February 15, 2013) with murdering SWIMSUIT MODEL and LAW GRADUATE  Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of the previous day (February 14, 2013)”“swimsuit model” and “law graduate”. WOWThat’s a ROLE “model” because CHINESE women who are “swimsuit models” would be PREPPING FOR PREGNANCYat least in the most traditional families.

“He BROKE DOWN during a 40-minute bail hearing at a Pretoria court, but was not asked to enter a plea”.“broke down” is A CIRCUS.

“in a statement released by his nephew’s agent”, Anthony Pistorius said: “They had (WEDDING?) plans together and Oscar was HAPPIER (?) in his private life than he had been for a long time“. “happiness” SHOULD NOT lead to MURDER. “We are in a state of TOTAL SHOCK – firstly about the TRAGIC death of Reeva who we had all got to KNOW WELL and CARE FOR DEEPLY over the last few monthsAll of us saw first hand HOW CLOSE she had become to Oscar during that time and how HAPPY (?) they were“. “happy” and PREMEDITATED MURDER DON’T go together.

“The suggestion that Pistorius’ family was close to Steenkamp RUNS COUNTER TO comments from Pistorius’ father, Henke, who told   HE HAD NEVER MET his son’s partner”.”I NEVER discuss my son’s relationships. I have, in fact, NOT MET the lady”. So there is friction between Pistorius’ father and uncle. Again this reminds us of LILY FU whose parents were in the United States, not only to see their daughter get married but also WENT ON THEIR HONEYMOON in an effort to FORCE Lily Fu to get pregnantRelationships of a romantic nature should strictly be between THE TWO PARTIES involvedParental approval, IF deemed necessaryshould be the FINAL stage, NOT THE FIRST STAGEThis applies especially to CHINESE culture, where parents tend to get overly involved in their kids’ love livesTHIS IS EXTREMELY PROBLEMATICespecially in the cases of LILY FU (as we’ve just outlined) and especially GAO WEI & CUI XILINGOK if the parents suggestions are accepted, all is good but if parents try to FORCE ideas on one of more their kids that ISN’T accepted/mutually acceptable, there will be an argument that NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT and IT WOULD BE VERY AWKWARD especially in the case of SUPER- traditional Chinese parents who like to yell out such confidential information OUT IN THE OPEN. The relationship between GAO & CUI is EVEN MORE problematic because they had TWO kids in 3.5 years and Gao used the “Future wife” argument to get into CUHK and on top of this, those kids were the reason or the MAIN reason behind the fact that Cui has only 3 publications (

 “Anthony Pistorius reiterated the family’s belief that the track star – a double amputee who became one of the biggest names in world athletics when he ran at last year’s Olympics –HAD NOT shot Steenkamp deliberately“. “After consulting with legal representatives, we DEEPLY REGRET the allegation of premeditated murder“. Notice that they didn’t APOLOGIZE or REFUTE these charges. “WE HAVE NO DOUBT (that) THERE IS NO SUBSTANCE to the allegation and that the state’s own case, including its own forensic evidence, STRONGLY REFUTES ANY possibility of a premeditated murder or indeed ANY MURDER AT ALL“. Again, this is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

“Pistorius is being held in a Pretoria police station before the resumption of his bail hearing on Tuesday (February 19, 2013). He is “NUMB” with SHOCK and GRIEF, the statement said”. Another CIRCUS.


Finally, “Police said on Thursday (February 14, 2013) witnesses had heard disturbances at the home before the shots, adding that there had been previous incidents of a “DOMESTIC nature” at the home”. “incidents of a “domestic nature”, of course, is DEEPLY TROUBLING.



This is yet another EASY conclusion. If Pistorius had REALLY/TRULY “planned (a) future together” with SteenkampWHY DID HE KILL HERIT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE


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