The title of an ABC News article released on February 17, 2013 is “Oscar Pistorius Case: Agent Cancels All Future Races, but Says SPONSORS STILL SUPPORT HIM (?)” (Web-site/URL: http://abcnews.go.com/International/oscar-pistorius-case-agent-cancels-future-races-athlete/story?id=18523234#.USGQK_5V324.twitter).

“Oscar Pistorius WON’T run in any of the future races that the athlete was contracted to compete in, but the Paraylmpic gold medalist’s sponsors are still supportive as he faces a murder charge, his agent said today (February 17, 2013)”.

“The decision to cancel Pistorius’ scheduled appearances was made to “allow Oscar to concentrate on the upcoming legal proceedings and to help and support all those involved as they TRY to come to terms with this VERY DIFFICULT and DISTRESSING situation,” Peet Van Zyl of In Site Athlete Management said in a statement”. “this situation” IS INDEED  “very difficult and distressing”.

“Van Zyl also said that Pistorius’ sponsors and partners are SUPPORTIVE (?)” “I can confirm that at this point in time, all parties are supportive and their contractual commitments are maintained. They have said they are happy to let the legal process takes its course before making any change in their position“. “at this point in time” suggests that THINGS COULD EASILY CHANGEIn other wordsPistorius could LOSE all of his endorsements.

“Pistorius’ father Henke Pistorius, 59, told The Telegraph” “When you are a SPORTSMAN , you act even more on instinct … it’s INSTINCT — THINGS HAPPEN and that’s what you do“. MURDER is EXTREMELY UN “sportsman” likeAlso “instinct” and “things happen” sound DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

“On Saturday (February 16, 2013)Pistorius’ uncle, said: “ALL OF US (?) saw at firsthand how close [Steenkamp] had become to Oscar during that time and how HAPPY (?) they were. They had plans together and Oscar was HAPPIER (?) in his private life than he had been for a long time”. REALLY? People who are “happy” in their relationships generally don’t KILL their partners.

Justin DivarisPistorius best friend, told “The Sunday People” “…there has been A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT (?)I shot Reeva”WAS THIS TRULY just “a terrible accident?”

According to Mike Steenkamp, “Reeva Steenkamp’s uncle”, “Her future has been CUT SHORT … I dare say she’s with the angels“, “cut short” VIOLENTLY.

According to Samantha Moon, “executive producer and director of “Tropka Island of Treasure” speaking on “Good Morning America”, “This is the only time that you see THE REAL Reeva. She was KIND, SWEET and … so HARD-WORKING“, a combination rare for a female at least in traditional CHINESE society where women ARE NOT expected to work hard. They will see the girl that we loved“.

On “Tropka Island of Treasure,” Steenkamp is shown laughing and smiling. The show aired some of Steenkamp’s last words: “The way that you GO OUT, not just your journey in life, but the way that you make your exit is so important if you even made an impact in a positive way or a negative way, but just maintain integrity and maintain class and just ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOURSELF“. In light of recent events (i.e. given that Steenkamp was MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD)this message is CHILLING.

Finally, “Steenkamp’s father, Barry Steenkamp, told the Sunday Mail that they “just need to find some ANSWERSWe ask the lord every day to help us find a reason WHY this should happen to Reeva”WE TOTALLY AGREENO PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE ANGUISH OF BURYING A CHILD/GO THROUGH THE HORROR OF SEEING ONE OF THEIR KIDS GO/DIE BEFORE THEM. Unfortunately, however, there are NO EASY “answers”.

This is the SECOND NEGATIVE/TRULY DISTURBING headline about a person who WAS (PAST tense) one of the most admired people in sports and in SOCIETY IN GENERAL actually. The first of course was the one that revealed Pistorius killed Steenkamp on VALENTINE’S DAYan occasion of LOVE and Let’s also note the title: “Oscar Pistorius Case: AGENT CANCELS ALL RACES, but Says SPONSORS STILL SUPPORT HIM“. DO THEY REALLY? It certainly seems like Oscar Pistorius is now on the DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).


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