MORSY vs SCAF (February 20, 2013): Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Egypt’s military signals IMPATIENCE with president” (Web-site/URL:

According to Michael W. Hanna, “an Egypt expert from the New York-based Century Foundation”, “In essence, the military (i.e. SCAF) will not allow NATIONAL STABILITY (?) or ITS OWN INSTITUTIONAL PRIVILEGES to come under threat from a breakdown in Egypt’s social fabric or A BROAD-BASED CIVIL STRIFE“. There are THREE things to note hereFirstly, does “national stability” exist in Egypt? Secondly, there has been WIDESPREAD “civil strife” or “civil” DISCONTENT in Egypt ever since the revolution that toppled former strongman/dictator HOSNI MUBARAK on February 11, 2011On top of this“privileges” are all SCAF cares aboutTHEIR OWN “privileges”. “This IS NOT an ideological army or one that seeks to destabilize civilian governance (?). …” REALLY?  “But it is also not an army that will sit by while the country REACHES THE TIPPING POINT ON THE PATH TO (?) civil strife“. “civil strife” in Egypt HAS ALREADY OCCURRED/IS REALITY.

“A Brotherhood spokesman, Yasser Mehrez, dismissed claims that the group sought to bring the military under its sway”. “This is OLD TALK THAT HAS BEEN REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN“.

According to military analyst and retired army Gen. Mohammed Qadri Said, “The two sides (the Muslim Brotherhood & SCAF) may be publicly dismissing reports of tension, but the army IS MAKING IT VERY CLEAR to the presidency that ANY attempt to dismiss el-Sissi (his Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi) WOULD BACKFIRE“. The army IS STILL VERY MUCH IN CONTROL HERE. “They claim MUTUAL LOVE and RESPECT (?)but what is happening IS NOT indicative of this” obviously.

“El-Sissi’s top lieutenant, Chief of Staff Sedki Sobhi, DELIVERED ANOTHER IMPLICIT (?) WARNING to Morsi and the Brotherhood this week. While the military WAS NOT (?) currently involved in politics, he said: “It keeps an eye on what goes on in the nation and if the Egyptian people ever needed the armed forces, they will be on the streets in LESS THAN a second” in a show of FORCE (Web-site/URL:

 Finally, Ibrahim Issa, “host of a political talk show on television”, finished off: “Millions of Egyptians want THE ARMY TO COME BACK and DELIVER US FROM CHAOS (?) This is the sentiment on the Egyptian STREET (a point of emphasis) and ignoring it is STUPID“, as if Issa knows anythingThis is yet another/the latest example of ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL:

To concludelet’s return once again to the title: “Egypt’s military signals IMPATIENCE with (the) president” who is a member of THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOODOK, the Muslim Brotherhood is also a far cry from the desired outcome in Egypt (full democracy), but they are still better than SCAF who are remnants of the MUBARAK regime/eraThe Egyptian military is “impatient” because they want CONTROL of the countryTHIS MUST NOT HAPPENIf SCAF is in control of Egypt once again/returns to power in Egypt again, IT WILL BE A DARK DAY.


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