The title of an ABC News article released on February 21, 2013 is “Las Vegas HOTEL FIGHT Led to ATTACK on Maserati on Vegas Strip, Three Dead” (Web-site/URL:

An argument in the valet area of a Las Vegas hotel led to a deadly drive-by shooting on the occupants of a Maserati on Vegas’ GLITZY (?) strip, initiating a multi-state manhunt for the black Range Rover from which the shots were fired”. The Vegas strip IS NO LONGER so “glitzy”.

“Three people were left dead in the attack, including two who died when THEIR TAXI WAS STRUCK BY THE CAREENING SPORTS CAR and EXPLODED INTO FLAMES“. THIS IS HORRIFYINGThis sounds like the CAR BOMBS that we’re used to seeing/reading/hearing about in countries such as IRAQ, LIBYA and SYRIA.

“(Speaking) at a news conference today (February 21 2013)”Las Vegas Metropolitan Sheriff Doug Gillespie said: “What happened IS NOT JUST TRAGIC, but underscores the level of violence we see sometimes here in Las Vegas as well as across America.  Clearly, the suspects in this shooting HAVE NO REGARD FOR THE LIVES AND SAFETY OF OTHERS” which is obviously a VERY BAD sign.

“The ALTERCATION took place in the valet area of the Aria resort and casino. Gillespie said there is currently “no indication” what the squabble was about”. “altercations” of course are often NASTY.

“Gillespie said that authorities do not know how many people are in the SUV, but that they are considered armed and dangerous. He warned members of the public to stay away from it”. “You SHOULD NOT take action (by yourself)” obviously. “Instead, call your local police department and alert them to the whereabouts of the suspect vehicle. “These individuals WILL BE FOUND (and) THEY WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW“. WILL THEY or is this ONLY RHETORIC?

Finally, according to Officer Jose Hernandez of the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department”, “We’re currently looking for a black Range Rover Sport, with large black rims and some sort of dealership advertising or advertisement platesThis is an armed and DANGEROUS vehicle” obviously.

Again, a “fight” has led to “attacks” and just like in the case of OSCAR PISTORIUS (Web-site/URL: IS TRULY TRAGIC.


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