EGYPT Stocks Drop to a 3-week Low: Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “MIDEAST STOCKS-Egypt drops to 3-wk low as political overhang weighsDOWN STOCKS (Web-site/URL:

“Egypt’s bourse dropped to its LOWEST level in more than three weeks on Sunday (February 24 2013) as UNCERTAINTY ahead of elections weighed in on local investor sentiment, while Gulf markets closed mixedAgain, “uncertainty” is something we DON’T need any more of/we could do WITHOUT.

According to OSAMA (what a scary name) Mourad, “chief executive officer at Arab Finance Brokerage”, “Most of the major parties HAVE NOT announced whether they will participate in the elections or not – the length of the period until the elections is an ENORMKOUS weight on the market” obviously, because this is another example of UNCERTAINTY.

“Elsewhere, shares in Dubai’s Emaar Properties RALLIED 4.6 percent to a fresh 51-month high as retail demand SURGED.

According to Ali Adou, “portfolio manager at The National Investor”, “The move today (February 24, 2013) is driven mainly by TALK on the dividend – people are generally EXPECTING HIGHER dividends than last year (2012)”This is the latest/yet another EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:

“The property firm’s board is EXPECTED to propose  on Monday (February 25, 2013) after a board meeting. It paid out 0.1 dirhams per share last year (2012)”This is the latest/yet another EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:

Finally, according to Anastasios Dalgiannakis, “institutional trading manager at Mubasher”, “IF the dividend is maintained at 10 fils, then the yield for Emaar will be at the bottom of UAE universe at 1.9 percent”. “IF (on the other hand), the rally is indeed driven by dividend EXPECTATIONS, we SHOULD get a meaningful increase“. These are the latest “ifs” and EXPECTATIONS (Web-site/URL:

This is an easy conclusion yet again. “Egypt drops to 3-week low as political hang overhang” WEIGHS DOWN STOCKS obviously because POLITICS INFLUENCE ECONOMICS.

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