WOMEN Get Insulted in SAUDI ARABIA: Al Arabiya

The title of an Al-Arabiya article released on February 24, 2013 is “‘PROSTITUTES’: Saudi cleric insults recently-appointed female Shura members” (Web-site/URL: http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2013/02/24/268123.html).

“A controversial Saudi cleric used Twitter to publicly insult the recently-appointed female members of the Shura Council”.

DEROGATORY terms such as “PROSTITUTES” and “THE FILTH OF SOCIETY” were used to describe the highly-achieved female academics and technocrats who were only sworn into the Council a few days after a highly-acclaimed Royal Decree was issued by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz”WOW“prostitutes” and “the filth of society” are DAMNING INSULTSThey are INCREDIBLY “derogatory”.

“The tweets quickly became widely-spread through the social media network and rapidly developed their own hash-tags; however, many Saudi tweeps CONDEMNED the attack on the female Shura members, especially since they came from figures who are supposed to preach TOLERANCE, COMPASSION and RESPECT (?)” Calling women “prostitutes” and “the filth of society” DOES NOT represent “compassion” or “respect”. In fact, IT’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

“Among the clerics who resorted to insults was member of the Islamic Ministry for Da’wah, Guidance and Endowments, Ahmed Al-abedulqader expressed his DISCONTENT of women partaking a role in the Shura Council over his Twitter account, “They thought they (women) can mock the mufti by giving thesePROSTITUTESlegitimacy to be in power. I am NOT an imposter, and IMPOSTERS DO NOT FOOL ME. For how long will THE FORTS OF VIRTUE (?) be torn down?” There’s NOTHING “virtuous” or HONORABLE about calling women “prostitutes” or “the filth of society”.

“Following ANGRY reactions by Twitter users, Qader said: “We have heard and read many INSULTS against (God) as well as mockery against the prophet, prayer be upon him, and none of those defending (these female) members was angered.”

“For his part, Dr. Saleh al-Sugair, a former teaching assistant at King Saud University SLAMMED the assignment of female members at the council and tweeted: “The INSOLENT (women) wearing make-up at the Shura Council represent the society? God, no. (Instead) They are THE FILTH OF society”.

“This wasn’t the first controversial statement by al-Sugair, who IS NOT a cleric, but a medical doctor known for EXTREME RELIGIOUS VIEWS” and we know how PROBLEMATIC “extreme views” are.

“Last year (2012), he called for a complete separation in medical colleges between male students and female students”.

“He spoke on what appeared to be a religious program saying “why do you need to employ females when we have unemployed MALES who are PROVIDING FOR THEIR FAMILIES” and he added “what is the point of having a MALE DOCTOR with a FEMALE SECRETARY?” BOTH “males” and “females” should “(provide) for their families” and IT IS COMMON to have “male” bosses and “female secretaries” even in the WESTERN worldIf “females” DON’T “(provide) for their families” again we will have 50% of the world NOT DOING ANYTHING which is the traditional SHANGHAI & SHANDONG argument that BEN WANG and FANG XING followTHIS IS INFEASIBLE because if we ONLY have MEN working and the man gets a serious medical condition (e.g. CANCER)the family would then COLLAPSEThis extends WELL BEYOND money. If we take FANG XING‘s relationship (or more accurately, ATTEMPTED relationship)   with KATE HE, as soon as He said “No”Fang became EXTREMELY agitated and AGGRESSIVEThis is not just a dig at Kate HeThis is a dig at THE ENTIRE CHINESE WAY OF THINKING.    

Sheikh Nasser al-Omar tweeted: “CORRUPT beginnings lead to CORRUPT results”, “warning of more of what he described as “WESTERNIZATION”, which is exactly why MALALA YOUSAFZAI was savagely attacked and almost killed (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malala_Yousafzai).

“However,THE BACKLASH to the recent statements regarding the Shura Council appointees was severe” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI). . 

“Author Maha al-Shahri tweeted: “(These statements) are A MORAL CRIME . The government has to set laws to (teach) them and their likes (morals)”Given that women are still being insulted over the belief that they SHOULDN’T work and they SHOULDN’T even GO TO SCHOOLdo “morals” even exist in the Saudi government?

Another Twitter user, Abdelrahman al-Sobeyhi, tweeted: “Every disease has a medicine to heal it except STUPIDITY”, obviously referring to THE SAUDI GOVERNMENT.

Another user, Ali Abdelrahman, wrote: “This is IGNORANCE that DOES NOT BELONG to Islam” or ANY OTHER RELIGION for that matter, especially now in the 21st century.

The problem is that they think they have IMMUNITY FROM God!” another twitter user said” which is the latest expression of ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

Finally, according to a statement by Nabila Massrali, :a spokesperson for the European Commission”, “We WELCOME the announcement made by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Friday, Jan. 11 (2013) to appoint 30 women to the country’s previously all-male Shura Council”WILL THIS HAPPEN/OCCUR?

There’s still no DIGNITY for women in many Arab and Middle Eastern countries. 


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