Lawmakers Go To White House To TRY & Avoid “Cuts”: NYTimes

The title of a recently released New York Times article is “Obama Signals He’d LET CUTS STAND to Avoid U.S. Shutdown” (Web-site/URL:,

“President Obama and Congressional leaders emerged from a White House meeting on Friday  (March 1, 2013) WITHOUT resolution to the budget impasse, meaning that the ACROSS-THE-BOARD spending cuts that take effect Friday (March 1, 2013) could remain in place for weeks if not MONTHS” IF IT HAPPENS AT ALL that is .

“Speaking to reporters after the hour-long meeting, Mr. Obama called the cuts “just DUMB” and criticized Republicans for their refusal to negotiate a package that includes some new REVENUE to BALANCE those cuts”. There are THREE things to note here.. First, POLITICIANS often do things which are “just dumb”Second, Republicans simply REFUSE to consider new sources of “revenue” (i.e. HIGHER TAXES FOR THE TOP INCOME EARNERS)On top of thisnot much IF ANYTHING is “balanced” these days (i.e. everything seems to be BIASED).

Obama went on:THE ONLY THING we’ve seen from Republicans so far in terms of proposals is to replace this set of ARBITRARY cuts with EVEN WORSE arbitrary cuts“.

“The president also signaled that he wants to AVOID a clash with Congress that could shut down the government at the end of March (2013)EVEN IF it means allowing across-the-board cuts to remain in place for months, saying that the cuts will not amount to an “APOCALYPSE. The pain, though, will be REAL” obviouslyAlso “avoid a clash with Congress?” “(clashes) with Congress” happen almost on a DAILY basis.

“Mr. Obama’s comments came as Republican leaders made clear they had no intention of budging on the president’s demands that the across-the-board cuts be replaced with what he calls a “BALANCED” package of spending cuts and TAX INCREASESThe GOP, of courseREFUSES to consider “tax increases”, especially for THE WEALTHY.

“Speaker John A. Boehner emerged from the meeting after about an hour to indicate that little (if ANY) progress had been made toward bridging the differences between Republicans and the president”. “(Speaking) after the meeting ended”, Boehner said: “Let’s make it clear, the president got HIS tax hike on January 1st (2013)”the “tax hike” HE WANTED. “The discussion about revenue, IN MY VIEW, is over. It’s about taking on the SPENDING problem here in Washington”This is THE SAME OLD RHETORICIn other words, “in my view” is JOHN BOEHNER‘s INTERPRETATION, making this the latest example of A POLITICIAN‘s ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL:

“Sounding RELAXED (?) as he took questions from reporters, the president said he disagreed with that position and hoped that Republicans in CongressCOME TO THEIR SENSES” in the weeks or even months ahead. But he seemed resigned that the DEEP cuts WOULD REMAIN IN EFFECT“. That’s clearly NOT a “relaxed” remark.

“He said he HOPED (that) Republicans would change their minds “after some reflection,” but he admitted: “It may take a couple of weeks. It may take a couple of MONTHS” IF IT HAPPENS AT ALL that isOf course that’s NOT a guarantee.

According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “We have an opportunity here still on the table for Congress to take up a BALANCED (?) deal that would complete the job and then some, of achieving more than $4 TRILLION of deficit reduction over 10 years, in a balanced way that HELPS OUR ECONOMY GROW, that helps it CREATE JOBS”, which is obviously the #1 ECONOMIC priorityAlso, again, what is “balanced?” Not much IF ANYTHING.

“But ahead of Friday’s (March 1, 2013) meeting, Republican leaders made clear that THEY HAD NO INTENTION of agreeing to such a deal, and said the president was prolonging the automatic cuts by insisting on tax increases. In a statement issued Friday morning (March 1, 2013), Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, showed little evidence of waveringAS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

Finally, McConnell finished off: “I’m happy to discuss other ideas to keep our commitment to reducing Washington spending at today’s (March 1, 2013) meeting. But there will be (absolutely) NO last-minute,, BACK-ROOM deal and NO agreement to INCREASE TAXES.

So, this is just the latest chapter of PARTISAN POLITICS ON CAPITOL HILL, with REPUBLICANS getting what they want.


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