Another MILK Scandal in HONG KONG: Los Angeles Times

The title of a Los Angeles Times article released on February 28, 2013 is “In Hong Kong, BABY FORMULA feeds discord with mainland Chinese” (Web-site/URL:,0,5506177.story).

“In Hong Kong, baby formula has become a precious commodity, kept under lock and key”.

ACCUSATIONS that mainland Chinese are trying to buy up the semi-autonomous territory’s entire supply have led to near-riots and have become the latest source of DISCORD with Beijing”.  “accusations” of course is the latest example of “Blaming and Criticizing” (Web-site/URL:

Speaking at a news conference in early February (2013), Hong Kong’s deputy head of customs, Yu Koon-hing, said: “If someone tries to go over with more than the 4 pounds allowed, we are going to deal with it by the law, WITH NO REGARD FOR THE CIRCUMSTANCE“.

“Mainland traders with hand trucks and backpacks frequently clear Hong Kong store shelves of baby formula, small electronics and imported cookies and noodles. This behavior has earned them the nickname “locusts” in Hong Kong”Hong Kong residents are basically calling people from mainland China PESTS nowobviously a DAMNING INSULT.

“Michelle Leung started an online forum in January (2013) to help parents because of her own difficulty finding formula for her 2-YEAR-old son. After scouring the city for the brand she wanted, she found the only pharmacy that stocked it was jammed with traffickers. “I was really ANGRY at that time“. Again “anger” in the world is at UNPRECEDENTED levels these days. EVERYONE seems to be “angry” at somethingAlsoa 2-YEAR-old needs FORMULAHe should be EATING FOOD or at the very least SEMI-SOLID foodHe certainly SHOULDN’T be DRINKING OUT OF A BOTTLE ANYMORE.

Finally, “Chow Wing-hong, a 40-year-old clerk at Fu Ming Pharmacy, said about 60% of his customers come in for baby formula and that the demand doubled just before last month’s (February, 2013) Lunar New Year holiday”. “There were people asking to buy more than 10 cans, saying they would pay an extra 20 dollars [U.S. $2.60] for each can and you’d know they must be TRADERS” obviously or more specifically and accurately, HOARDERS.

This should immediately bring to mind the SANLU MELAMINE scandal that rocked this region back in 2008 (Web-site/URL: It’s also interesting or at least worth noting that we first noticed this article in the LOS ANGELES Times, perhaps reinforcing this notion that because Chinese people want to be close to China, they SWARM cities such as Los Angeles, which would explain the high concentration of CHINESE people in cities/areas such as ROSEMEAD, TORRANCE and MONTEREY PARK.

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