“Unrest” in PORT SAID, EGYPT (March 4, 2013): Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Unrest in Egyptian city (Port Said) draws in military” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/unrest-egyptian-city-draws-military-204220527.html). Port Said, incidentally, is MONA ELTAHAWY‘s hometown. 

CLASHES between protesters and the police in in the restive Egyptian city of Port Said that entered their second day Monday (March 4, 2013) have DRAGGED in the military to a dramatic extent into the nation’s TURMOIL“. “clashes”, of course, are VIOLENT and “turmoil” is BRUTAL especially “turmoil” that seems to be NEVER-ENDING.

“Three policemen and three civilians were killed in the fighting and troops STOOD BY as protesters torched a government complex Monday that contains the city’s main police building”. Again these scenes are eerily reminiscent of the 2011 revolution that toppled longtime strongman/dictator HOSNI MUBARAK (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6UNkg4bRXs). 

“Prominent opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei WARNED OF (?) DECAYING state institutions and RISING levels of violence”: ElBaradei tweeted: “The (Morsy) REGIME in its current form is unable to manage the countryThere must be a RADICAL review before it is too late“. So we’re replacing one “radical” element with ANOTHER “radical” elementThis is NOT good.

“in an email”, former presidential candidate and leading opposition member Amr Moussa wrote: “How can elections be held with the TRAGIC situation in Port Said and as MARTYRS are falling there and in other provincesHow can elections be held with SECURITY UNDERMINED EVERYWHERE IN THE NATION“. This is yet another VERY LEGITIMATE point.

“Hundreds of Port Said residents, followed by some in other provinces, took the SYMBOLIC step of going to public registrar offices to issue “power of delegation” documents asking the military to step in “manage” the country”. However this was ONLY “symbolic” (i.e. IT DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING).

“Abdullah el-Sinawi, a commentator and columnist in the daily Al-Shorouk newspaper, said the “CLASHES between police and military which took place, even if they were limited, represent THE ABSENCE OF THE RULE OF LAW” obviouslyWell, this has been the case FOR A  LONG TIME NOWOK MUBARAK has now been ousted for over 2 years nowbut we’ve replaced a dictator with ANARCHY which is JUST AS BAD.

“Morsi supporters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood have downplayed rising expressions of discontent. Mohammed el-Beltagi, a senior Brotherhood member, told reporters that Egyptians will never accept the military back in power”.

“Another senior Brotherhood member, Gamal Heshmat, told the legislature Monday (March 4, 2013) that the media is portraying Port Said as if it is “ON FIRE“. “According to the main STATE-RUN daily, Al-Ahram“, Heshmat said: “Anyone watching from outside will think that Egypt is ALL Port Said” just like CHINA thinks that the world should be COMPLETELY about themAlso, there’s that DREADED phrase again: “STATE-RUN.

“The military deployed their vehicles between the protesters and police. They fired in the air in the direction of the police, witnesses said. “The people and army are ONE HAND“, cheering protesters chanted”. THIS IS A CIRCUS.

“One protester, 25-year-old Mohammed Atef, said the scene RESTORED HIS CONFIDENCE IN (?) the military”. “WE FELT (?) (that) they are feeling the injustices against us; that they decided to PROTECT US TOO (?)” This is  A FAULTY INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI). “the military” is THE PROBLEM.

“But another said she believed the military was only acting to PROTECT ITSELFof course. According to 33-year-old Amira el-Alfi, “The military ONLY moved against the police when one of theirs was shot. It is PRETENDING and is moving neither to protect institutions, nor to protect people“. This is THE CORRECT INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

Finally, “On Monday (March 4, 2013), soldiers and military vehicles escorted thousands marching in the funeral procession for the civilians killed in the fighting the day before (March 3, 2013)“. “It is now WAR between us and you, Interior Ministry”, the marchers chanted as they carried the coffins of the dead to the cemetery. Many wave the black-white-and-green flags of Port Said that have become a symbol of the city’s REVOLT against the government”Sothere’s a REVOLT in PORT SAID AGAINST THE CENTRAL EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT in CairoThis suggests that EGYPT could be sliding into A CIVIL WAR and that could be BIG trouble because as we know, there’s already a civil war happening/going on now in SYRIATHIS IS DEEPLY TROUBLING/UNSETTLING.

To concludelet’s return once again:  “Unrest in Egyptian city (Port Said) draws in military”. Again, “the military” ISN’T DOING ANYTHING PRODUCTIVEIf anything they are EXACERBATING this anarchyCould EGYPT also be heading/sliding towards CIVIL WAR?


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