The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on March 6, 2013 is “Kerry CONFIDENT arms reaching Syria MODERATES (?)” (Web-site/URL:

“Top US diplomat expresses confidence that weapons being supplied to Syrian rebels are reaching the “RIGHT (?) people“. This is KERRY‘s INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:

“US Secretary of State John Kerry has EXPRESSED CONFIDENCE that weapons are increasingly ending up in the hands of MODERATE groups within the Syrian opposition”IS THIS TRUE? This is yet another INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:

“Speaking at a joint press conference at Doha’s al-Wajba Palace with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, Kerry said on Tuesday (March 5, 2013) that Qatar and the US have worked to tighten sanctions and help Syria’s oppositionbuild the UNITY (?) and effectiveness that they need” to “change [Syrian] President [Bashar] Assad’s calculation on the ground“. Again, there are TWO things to note here. FirstIS ANYTHING “united” these days? SecondlyHAVE the US and its allies “(changed)…Assad’s calculation on the ground?” Again, this is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL:

“Although the US HAS NOT provided arms to Syria’s rebels, last week Kerry announced that the US would provide $60m in NON-LETHAL assistance to the Syrian opposition, including medical and food aid”.

We have now, for the first timedirected assistance straight to the military council and straight to the Syrian opposition”.

“Sheikh Hamad was also OPTIMISTIC about Syria, saying the international community was starting to “work in A MORE CONSTRUCTIVE FASHION (?)”, but said that if other countries had worked “with more DILIGENCE” on the issue in the past, the Assad governmentwould have been gone by now“. This is the latest INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: as well as/in addition to POLITICIANS BLAMING & CRITICIZING each other (Web-site/URL: “He had harsh words for Assad and his government, describing Assad as a “TERRORIST” who is “killing his people“. “terrorist” of course is one of Assad’s favorite words and phrases in addition to ARMED GANGS and ARMED GROUPS.

“Kerry also spoke briefly about North Korea, saying the US hopes to “see the leader of North Korea TAKE RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS for peace” in the region”. Like his father (Kim Jong-il) and grandfather (KIm Il-sung) before him“responsible” is certainly NOT a word to describe North Korean leaders,

The world would be better servedIF Korean leader Kim Jong-unENGAGES in LEGITIMATE DIALOGUE and LEGITIMATE NEGOTIATIONS” to resolve concerns about the country’s nuclear program”, North Korea DOESN’T “engage” in “dialogue” and DOESN’T “negotiate”.

Finally, “Sheikh Hamad touched on the Israel-Palestine peace process, expressing his CONCERNS that “UNLESS there is an agreement to put a timetable … to end the process, I believe THERE WILL BE A REAL CRISIS AND WE WILL ALL LOSE HOPE“hope” is THE ONLY thing we’re running on now unfortunatelyAlso the Israel vs Palestinian issue HAS BEEN “a real crisis” FOR A LONG TIME NOW.

The conclusion to this article/analysis again is easy, but must be split into TWO parts. First, “Kerry (is) CONFIDENTIs this “confidence” or is this the latest example of A POLITICIAN‘s ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL: Secondly and more importantly let’s note note yet again that the United States is asking QATAR and SAUDI ARABIAtwo UNDEMOCRATIC societies, to fight against/battle a TYRANT (Assad) which, of course, is AN EXTREMELY DICEY PROPOSITION.


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