The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Police strikes in Egypt ACCELERATE, ADDING TURMOIL (Web-site/URL:

“After months of battling with ANGRY young protesters, many in Egypt’s police forces say they have had enough”. Again THERE ARE PLENTY OF “angry” people in the world nowadays.

STRIKES and PROTESTS spread around the country Friday (March 8, 2013) by police units FRUSTRATED with BEING BLAMED for deadly crackdowns on protesters and ACCUSING Islamist President Mohammed Morsi (Morsy) of using them to fight his enemies. In at least 10 of the country’s 29 provinces, some units sealed their stations with chains, some calling for the removal of their boss, the interior minister, appointed by Morsi (Morsy)”There are THREE things to note here. These are the latest examples of people being “frustrated” (Web-site/URL:, “being blamed” and “accusing” others (Web-site/URL:

“In past days, ANGRY riot police locked their top commander in their camp for hours. Others refused to be deployed in clashes with street protesters in Nile Delta cities. POLICE DISOBEYED ORDERS to secure Morsi’s (Morsy’s) motorcade route from his palace to his home in eastern Cairo, to guard his family home in the Delta, or to guard the headquarters of his Muslim Brotherhood in the capital (Cairo)”There are THREE things to note here. Firstly, we now have political instability in the NILE DELTA region. Secondly, once again there is/we have MORE THAN ENOUGH “anger” in the world nowadaysIn addition“police disobeyed orders” is another/the latest sign/indicator of INSTABILITYOn top of all thisTHE NILE DELTA looks like/appears to be the latest region in Egypt to experience unrest after the recent upheaval in the SINAI Peninsula region (Web-site/URL:

“The wave of POLICE DISCONTENT adds a new layer to Egypt’s TURMOIL and sense of BREAKDOWN in state institutions”. It’s NOT as if Egypt’s “state institutions” were functioning well to begin with. “In a sign of the possible repercussions of the DISARRAY, a HARDLINE Islamist group announced its members would take up policing duties in the southern province of Assiut because of strikes by local security forces”. There are TWO things to note hereFirst, we certainly DON’T need any more “discontent”, “turmoil”, “breakdowns” or “disarray” in the world nowadaysOn top of this, we know how problematic “hardline” POLITICIANS are because these people are ARROGANT and DISMISS ANY INTERPRETATION THEY DISAGREE WITH (Web-site/URL:, Also this time POLICE are “discontented” or UNSATISFIED and they are supposed to HELP the government MAINTAIN STABILITY so there will only be MORE CHAOS now.

“Since late January (2013), cities around the country have been hit by RELENTLESS street protests, mainly directed AGAINST Morsi (Morsy) and the Brotherhood. Near daily, the demonstrations have turned into CLASHES with police, resulting in the killing of around 70 protesters. Each death has INCREASED PUBLIC ANGER against the security forces”, which, again has become VERY FRIGHTENING.

“Some protests have turned into STONE-THROWING attacks on security agency buildings and many protesters ACCUSE Morsi (Morsy) of giving a green light to police to use excessive force. Their outrage has been further stoked by reports of torture and abduction of some activists by security agents”. “stone-throwing attacks” again are reminiscent of scenes from the 2011 revolution that toppled MUBARAK that ABC‘s CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR experienced (Web-site/URL:

According to Capt. Mohammed Shalabi, “who led a group of officers in a sit-in in front of Media City on the outskirts of Cairo”, “We HIT THE BOTTOM and we are FED UP. The ministry is FALLING APART and NO ONE IS LISTENING“. This is the latest/yet another expression of FRUSTRATION (Web-site/URL: “Our DEMANDS are NO to POLITICIZATION of the ministry, which means NO to the Brotherhoodization of the ministry. We are making a pledge to STAY AWAY FROM POLITICS” which of course WILL NOT happen because as we know“politics” IS EVERYWHERE.

According to Bahy Eddin Hassan, “head of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies”, “The police have been DRAGGED INTO A WAR OF ATTRITION. There is no police force in the world that can keep up with these DAILY street clashes“. “There is NO (ONE) IN THE WORLD(who) can keep up with these daily clashes” except maybe GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86)but she ISN’T in the middle of this craziness every day. Of course, she will claim otherwise, but we know the truthHaving said that, however, this is someone we need on our side. “When their former minister tried to change course, he was fired“. He warned that, “these COLLAPSES will EXPAND, which, again, is something we DON’T need/we could do WITHOUT.

“Port Said, on the Mediterranean end of the Suez Canal, has been the center of the heaviest violence in the unrest since late January (2013)”.

“During CLASHES between police and protesters the past week that KILLED eight people, it also saw dangerous frictions between police and the military. Army troops trying to break up the clashes at one point fired over the heads of police forces, which had been shooting tear gas their direction. Also, an army colonel was shot by live ammunition — by police, according to witnesses”. Again, “clashes” are VIOLENT.

“Ali Sabissi, a leader of Port Said soccer fans called the Ultras Green Eagles, said he helped carry the wounded colonel and BLAMED police for shooting him”.The police BLAMED a third party over the firing at the militaryTHERE IS NO third party. There is POLICE firing at MILITARY.

“On Friday (March 8, 2013), the police announced they were handing over security control in the city (Assiut) to the military”. As we have seen, it is clear that NEITHER SIDE CAN BE TRUSTED.

“Islamist allies of Morsi have spoken of the police strikes as an attempt at a “SOFT coup” against the president — and some were moving to fill the void, a step that could spread to other parts of the country”:.

“Gamaa Islamiya, a powerful HARD-LINE Islamist group, announced Friday (March 8, 2013) its members would take over policing in the southern province of Assiut because of the strikes. SKIRMISHES broke out between liberal protesters and Gamaa members in front of the governor’s office”. Again, of course, as we know, “skirmishes” can quickly become VIOLENT CLASHES.

Finally, “Assiut’s top security official, Gen. Aboul-Kassem Deif, said the group’s move was illegal. But he SEEMED TO ACKNOWLEDGE (that) he could not stop it“. “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO“. This is the latest/yet another expression of EXASPERATION/FRUSTRATION (Web-site/URL:

This is yet another EASY conclusionAs we knowthe police are a CRITICAL group in society and Egypt certainly DOES NOT need any more “turmoil”We thought the dictator MUBARAK was the source of this “turmoil”Now, it seems like there’s MORE “turmoil” AFTER this tyrant.

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