The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “China’s Xi appointed president, completes rise to the top” (Web-site/URL:–business.html).

“For Yan Chengzhong, a delegate to the legislature, the most pressing task for Xi’s government is to CLEAN UP THE ENVIRONMENTobviously. ” Yan, who said he had submitted a proposal to the legislature urging government transparency on the environment”, said: “I come from Shanghai, where there are 6,000 DEAD PIGS FLOATING IN THE RIVER. It speaks to how FRAGILE the ecological environment is” obviously“6000 dead pigs floating in the river” is HORRIFYING. “At this meeting, there have been been very strong voices concerning the condemnation of the BAD (?) environmental situation“. DEAD PIGS IN SHANGHAI’S WATER SUPPLY is just “bad?” Try HORRIBLE.  “I think these kinds of voices can be accepted by the new authorities. IT’S A FAVORABLE OPPORTUNITY for the new leaders to do something different“, but WILL THEY DO IT?

According to Gong Funeng, “a delegate from the southwestern province of Sichuan”, “The most challenging problem that the government faces now is on IMPLEMENTING POLITICAL REFORM (?) and FIGHTING CORRUPTION” especially amid THE CONTINUING fallout from the BO XILAI scandal/mess. Also, how much “reform” is possible under COMMUNISTS? More accurately, ARE THEY WILLING TO “reform” AT ALL?

Finally, “Prominent dissident Hu Jia told Reuters police summoned him on Wednesday afternoon (March 13 2013) on a charge of “PROVOKING QUARRELS and MAKING TROUBLE, one of the Communist Party’s favorite charges..

“Hu said he believed it could be due to him organizing visits by activists to the home of Liu Xia, the wife of jailed Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo, who has been under house arrest since Liu’s award” in 2010 (Web-site/URL: The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year on DECEMBER 10 each year (Web-site/URL: It’s now been almost THREE YEARS since LIU was given this award so it’s safe to say that THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO PREVENT HIM FROM EVER RECEIVING THIS AWARD. .

Or it could also be that during the parliament session, I’VE PUBLISHED NUMEROUS CRITICAL OPINIONS OF the Communist Party”. This sounds just like NORTH KOREA when Kim Jong-UN took over from Kim Jong-IL when the message went out: DON’T EXPECT ANY MAJOR POLICY CHANGES OR CHANGES IN OUR AGGRESSIVE RHETORIC and just like NORTH KOREA FREEDOM OF SPEECH/EXPRESSION in China is BRUTALLY suppressed.

So, Xi has TWO EXTREMELY PRESSING priorities, both of which need to be tackled URGENTLYPIGS IN SHANGHAI’S WATER SUPPLY and FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMSFor exampleFACEBOOK and TWITTER are still banned (Web-site/URL:’s_Republic_of_China). Both of these problems are EQUALLY urgent but Xi is only likely to tackle one: THE PIGS IN SHANGHAI’S WATER SUPPLY because the lack of fundamental freedoms in China has become a PERSISTENT and CHRONIC issue/problem.


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