Free MCDONALD’s in SHANGHAI on March 18, 2013: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Free food as China TV expose puts retailers on guard” (Web-site/URL:

“McDonald’s Corp (MCD.N) will give away more than a million breakfast McMuffins across China on Monday (March 18, 2013), a few days after Chinese state television (CCTV) airs its annual expose on corporate malpractice to mark World Consumer Rights Day”.

“The promotion, the U.S. fast food chain says, is purely coincidental”.

“On Friday (March 15, 2013), news program “3.15” – one of China’s most widely watched TV shows – will NAME and SHAME companies that it says violated the trust of consumers in a nation forecast to become the world’s largest retail market in three years”This is what China is FAMOUS for: “name and shame” or PUBLIC HUMILIATION.

“The TV show, similar to U.S. CBS network’s “60 Minutes“, often catches companies off guard, and the fallout can sting as McDonald’s itself found out last year (2012) when it was criticized on FOOD SAFETY“. WOW“McDonald’s apologized, and its shares fell as China’s ARMY OF MICROBLOGGERS UNLEASHED THEIR ANGER ONLINE“. So the Chinese can “unleash their anger online” against FOREIGN COMPANIESbut NOT against THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTwhich, of course, is A FARCE/RIDICULOUSChinese people who “unleash their anger” against their own government, of courseas we know, are ARRESTED, TORTURED and/or sent to “Thought Reform” camps to do hard labor.

According to James Roy, “a senior analyst at China Market Research Group based in Shanghai”, “The minute there are QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PRACTICES that appear in ANY WAY credible, that can be DEVASTATING to CONSUMER TRUST and EXTREMELY difficult to get back“. “consumer trust” is a problem in CHINA and NOT for McDonald’sbecause as we knowCHINESE government officials BRAINWASH people.

“While most firms deny their actions are connected to the TV show, “3.15” appears to have prompted A SPIKE in GOOD CORPORATE BEHAVIOR  in China aimed at balancing ANY NEGATIVE PRESS“. Of course, as we know“good corporate behavior” in China is rare and China is HYSTERICAL about “negative press”.

In an e-mail to ReutersVivian Zhang, “senior director of communications at McDonald’s CHINA”, “WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH IT ONCE and WE KNOW HOW IT FEELS“. OK, so this is about McDonald’s restaurants in CHINA and NOT McDonald’s in other parts of the world

“Asked if the breakfast promotion was related to Consumer Day, she said: “There is NO connection“. Again, this is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL:

According to Karl Gerth, “an academic and author of a book on Chinese consumer behavior”, “It’s easy to imagine why company brand managers would STAY UP ALL NIGHT or WAKE UP IN A COLD SWEAT” obviously because again, Chinese government officials just CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

According to online platform Sohu Business on Weibo”, “In 2011, it was Kumho Tire Co Inc.  in 2012, it was McDonald’s and Carrefour. Who will ‘3.15’ TURN ITS GAZE TOWARD this year (2013)?” This is the latest CYNICAL statement/sentiment.

Finally, according to Fang Libing, “a financial analyst based in Shanghai”, “Those companies TRYING to make themselves look GOOD are just making things WORSE” obviously. “The more they try to HIDE, the more they are EXPOSED” again obviouslyThe Chinese government acts like they are INVINCIBLE and they ARE NOT.

So, this is about McDonald’s in CHINA and NOT McDonald’s as a whole…AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

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