CHINA Now Complaining About COCA-COLA Using GPS? Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “China ACCUSES Coca-Cola of misusing GPS equipment” (Web-site/URL:–finance.html).

 “Chinese authorities are investigating whether Coca-Cola Co. employees improperly used location-finding technology in violation of restrictions on map-making”.

“Coca-Cola said Thursday (March 14, 2013) it was cooperating with investigators. It said trucks for some of its bottling plants use location technology that is widely available commercially in China to improve the efficiency of deliveries.

“Coca-Cola employees in the southwestern province of Yunnan were found improperly using handheld global positioning system devices, the deputy director of the national surveying agency told government radio this week”.

According to the official, Li Pengde, “according to the China National Radio website”, “It was one of 21 similar cases involving companies using GPS devices in Yunnan to “illegally obtain CLASSIFIED information“. EVERYTHING in China seems to be “classified”

Finally, “Coca-Cola said some of its trucks use “location-based customer logistics systemsto IMPROVE SERVICE and fuel efficiency“. Of course, as we know, “(improving) service” IS NOT a priority in China. “These customer logistics systems are broadly used for commercial application across many industries in China and WORLDWIDE“. Again, China is a classic example of a country with DOUBLE STANDARDSThere seems to be one standard for CHINA and another HIGHER standard for everyone else. “After being contacted by local authorities, our bottling plants have cooperated fully with their enquiries to ensure that our customer logistics systems are in full compliance with current regulations“. Again, China DOESN’T THINK SO.

This is yet another/the latest example of CHINA “Blaming and criticizing” A FOREIGN COMPANY (Web-site/URL:


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