The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “US general decries Karzaianti-US‘ speech” (Web-site/URL:

“Statements by Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, have put US forces IN DANGER, the top US general in the Afghanistan war has said”.

“General Joseph Dunford’s warning came on Thursday (March 14, 2013) after Karzai said at a public appearance on March 11 (2013) that the Taliban and US continue to hold talks in Qatar, despite rhetoric to the contrary”.

“Dunford said the statements by the Afghan president were taken as ANTI-US commentaries”.

in an advisory obtained by The New York Times“, Dunford said: “Karzai’s remarks could be a catalyst for some to LASH OUT AGAINST our forces. He may also issue orders THAT PUT OUR FORCES AT RISK“. “lashing out” is obviously VIOLENTWe’re at a ROUGH point in the relationship” obviously. “[Militants] are also watching and will look for a way to EXPLOIT the situation (obviously), (in fact) they have already RAMPED UP for the spring“.

“However, the office of Hamid Karzai issued a statement clarifying the president’s recent remarks”. “The president called the United States a FRIEND and STRATEGIC PARTNER OF Afghanistan (?) and said his recent comments… had been to CORRECT rather than DAMAGE this relationship“. REALLY? “The president said that both countries are in A CRITICAL STAGE of relations, therefore it is natural that each side tries to stand for and focus on its (own) NATIONAL INTERESTS”“national interests” sounds like CHINA and JAPAN fighting over the SENKAKU Islands once again.

“At the March 11 (2013) public appearance, Karzai said: “The Taliban themselves are every day in discussions with the US yet in Kabul and Khost they set off bombs TO SHOW THEIR PROWESS to the US”This is KARZAI‘s INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: 

“Rather than showing the US their “strength“, recent Taliban-claimed attacks in eastern Afghanistan were only working “in support” of a continued foreign presence in the country based on INSECURITY created by the group’s violent attacks”,

“The Taliban formally suspended the talks one year ago (2012), blaming “SHAKY, ERRATIC and VAGUEUS statements”. BOTH the US and the Taliban will claim this making this the latest/yet another example of “We think they made us mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:

Senior leaders of the Taliban and the Americans are engaged in talks in the Gulf state [of Qatar] on a daily basis“, Karzai told the gathering to mark International Women’s Day”.

“The Taliban and a US official denied the claims that they have resumed talks in Qatar”.

Finally, according to “a US official, “who declined to be identified, when asked about Karzai’s remarks” “THIS IS SIMPLY INCORRECT“. This is the latest ASSERTION.

We can draw TWO conclusions from thisFirst, we must wonder/can pose the following question: is Karzai TRULY an ally? Secondly, once again, we must acknowledge the FACT/the REALITY that there is DEEP MISTRUST between the US and many Arab and Middle Eastern countries.


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