The Battle For DAMASCUS (March 16, 2013): Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on March 16, 2013 is “Fighting INTENSIFIES in Damascus” (Web-site/URL:

“Rebels gain control of areas close to (the) Syrian capital (Damascus), with fighting affecting operations at INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” which of course is a place that will be targeted because there are LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE THERE.

“Syrian rebels have taken control of areas close to Damascus, where intense fighting has effectively shut down the country’s main international airport to anything but military flights”.

Al Jazeera‘s Ahmed Zaidan, reporting from inside the Syrian capital, said anti-government Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters extended their hold over the eastern half of Ghouta on Saturday (March 16, 2013), as heavy fighting raged in several areas in and around Damascus”.

“Ghouta is an agricultural belt surrounding Damascus to the south and east”.

According to Zaidan, “The airport in Damascus has been effectively PARALYZED [for civilian flights] for two to three months. Most Syrian officials who want to travel have been forced to fly from Beirut (Lebanon)Most of the air traffic in Damascus comes from MILITARY flights. The only civilian flights landing there are doing so at high risk because the fighting there is very closeobviously. “Senior FSA officials have told us that IRANIAN planes land in Damascus every two to three days, allegedly to bring arms and ammunition for the forces of President Bashar al-Assad”.

Finally, “The Syrian Revolution General Commission – an activist network on the ground in Syria – reported regime troop reinforcements being deployed in Daraya, a suburb south of Damascus”.

“It reportedFIVE tanks and THREE trucks accompanied by several cars and buses carrying soldiers from the Mazzeh military airport” heading towards the area, where government forces have for months been trying to establish control”.

This is more/the latest evidence that Bashar al-Assad MAY be LOSING his grip on power.


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