SANDRA LAYNE, 75, GUILTY of Murdering Grandson:

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Mich. woman, 75, convicted of murdering grandson” (Web-site/URL:

“A 75-year-old woman was convicted Tuesday (March 19, 2013) of second-degree murder for killing her teenage grandson last spring (spring 2012) in her Detroit-area home, after jurors rejected her claim that she shot him SIX times in SELF-DEFENSE“. THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE, given that her grandson was UNARMED.  

“Sandra Layne cried quietly when she heard the verdict, which was delivered during the first full day of jury deliberations. She was also found guilty of using a firearm during a felony and likely faces at least 14 years in prison for the death of her grandson, Jonathan Hoffman”.

“But some family members had HARSH words. Hoffman’s mother,Jennifer Hoffman, said her mother was a “MONSTER” who deserved to go to prison”.

“Defense attorney Jerome Sabbota said later that Layne was “DEVASTATED” by the verdict”. THIS IS A CIRCUS.

“outside court”, Jennifer Hoffman said: “I’m glad she’s put away and can’t do harm to anyone elseHe was A GREAT KID (?) and didn’t deserve this“. Hoffman was “a great kid?” A person who USES MARIJUANA was a “great kid?” Even if Hoffman WASN’T “a great kid”, Layne SHOULDN’T have taken the law into her own hands and killed himShe should have let THE POLICE handle/deal with it.

“His father, Michael Hoffman, said the verdict was a “FINAL VINDICATION for my son“. This certainly DOESN’T suggest that Jonathan Hoffman and his parents WEREN’T close

“The evidence included a recording of Jonathan Hoffman’s desperate call to 911 in which he pleads for help, even as more shots are fired”. 

“as he gasped for air”,  Hoffman told the dispatcher, “My grandma shot me. I’m going to die. Help. I got shot again“.

According to prosecutor Paul Walton,”They said they played it over and over and over again” in the jury room”, “One of the big things they said is when you hear the shots on the (call) THERE’S NO STRUGGLE“. 

“Sabbota said jurors found the “911 call was critical” obviouslyThat was THE MAIN piece of evidence.

 “in TEARFUL TESTIMONY last week, explaining why she pulled out a gun”, Layne said: “I wanted him to PAY ATTENTION TO ME. He HAD TO listen. It WASN’T a conversation. It was ARGUING. SWEARING“. This is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL:

“Walton called Layne’s story “fanciful“. He pointed out that she never complained to police about being attacked. A hospital nurse who examined her after her arrest said Layne had no injuries and spoke LOVINGLY (?) about Hoffman” and KILLED HIM AFTERWARDS? 

 Finally, “After the verdicts were read, Sabbota said Layne has long been punishing herself and referred to her continued GRIEF and REGRET“. “I’ve been saying it all along: We can’t do anything that she hasn’t already done to herself. She punishes herself every day. THE LEGAL SYSTEM DOES WHAT THE LEGAL SYSTEM DOES. The jury felt that it WASN’T appropriate self-defense“.

The bottom line is: Sandra Layne’s story JUST DOESN’T ADD UP.


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