ANOTHER Government Shutdown Looming? Bloomberg

The title of a recently released Bloomberg article is “Senate Passes Legislation to Avoid U.S. GOVERNMENT SHUTDEOWN” (Web-site/URL: ANOTHER ONE?

“The U.S. Senate today passed legislation to avoid a partial government shutdown, in a rare example of bipartisan cooperation on FEDERAL SPENDING (?)” IS THIS POSSIBLE?

“The chamber (the Senate) voted 73-26 to forward to the House a measure that would keep agencies’ lights on through Sept. 30, the end of the 2013 fiscal year”That’s NOT a lot of timeAlso, there are many TEA PARTIERS in the House so whether or not this will pass in that chamber is anyone’s guess.

“Republicans  there (in the House) plan to clear it tomorrow (March 21, 2013) for President Barack Obama’s signature. Legislation currently funding the executive branch expires March 27 (2013) and without action by Congress, agencies would begin running out of money”. THIS IS HIGHLY LIKELY because when was the last time CONGRESS did anything PRODUCTIVE?

According to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, “Leaders in both parties “wanted to NOT do a shutdown of the government, we needed to AVOID that”. The question is: ARE WE DOING ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE “to avoid that?”

According to Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski, the bill’s chief sponsor, “This is pretty good to show that we CAN work on a bipartisan basis, that we can actually govern and that we can conduct ourselves with decorum” or honor. Do POLITICIANS have HONOR?

Finally, Sen. Chris Coons finished off: “The federal workers who inspect meat and poultry are critical not only to our nation’s food security, but (also) to THE ECONOMICAL STABILITY of many of our rural communities” obviously. “Backlogs in food inspections could result in the shutdown of processing facilities and send DEVASTATING RIPPLE EFFECTS through rural communities and straight to the shelves of every market and grocery in the country” affecting not only the economy, but also people’s WAY OF LIFE.

So, the ANTICS on Capitol Hill continue.


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