ANTI HEALTHCARE Movement’s THIRD Anniversary: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Opponents mark OBAMACARE‘s third anniversary with LOBBYING surge” (Web-site/URL:–finance.html). YAHOO! is using the DEROGATORY term “Obamacare?” WHAT? Yahoo! is supposed to be associated with ABCDEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL-leaning network.

According to Amanda Austin, NFIB’s (National Federation of Independent Business) federal public policy director. “It’s going to be A DIFFICULT UPHILL BATTLE. This is the administration’s SIGNATURE law” obviously. “We’ve got A SPLIT Congress. But there’s an opportunity to MAKE FIXES. And IF you can garner BI-PARTISAN (?) support in the Senate and find a way that the changes get paid for, I think it CAN get done“, but WILL IT “get done?” Also “It’s going to be an uphill battle” TO REPEAL healthcare reform? JOHN “Hell No” BOEHNER has already given up on repealing healthcare reformRemember his “Hell No” speech (Web-site/URL: Now he’s saying healthcare reform “is the law of the land (Web-site/URL: Now it seems like SOMEONE HAS TAKEN HIS PLACE


According to CRT Capital Group analyst Sheryl Skolnick, “The (insurance) plans really HAVEN’T mounted a lobbying effort like this against any of provision of the ACA (American Chiropractors’ Association) in a long time“.


Neil Trautwein of the National Retail Federation said the focus IS NO LONGER on repealing the entire law”: “We’ll support particular rifle-shot bills as more of a focus on KNOCKING OUT BAD PROVISIONS or FIXING ONES THAT ARE LESS ARTFUL“. This sounds like something MICHELE BACHMANN, a member of THE TEA PARTY would say.


“Medical device makers on Thursday (March 21 2013) won a victory of sorts in the Senate, when more than 30 Democrats joined Republicans to approve a NON-BINDING budget amendment calling for REPEAL of a 2.3 percent tax on medical device companies”. There’s the GOP’s favorite word: REPEAL. The GOP is also FIERCELY ANTI “tax”. Also, notice “non-binding”This implies that this amendment DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING BUT PEOPLE WILL STILL BE SCREAMING ABOUT IT

The device tax faces a DIFFICULT road to repeal. Similar amendments to overturn the health insurance tax and the employer MANDATE failed to reach a vote or win Democratic co-sponsors”. Of course, as we know, “the employer mandate” is HIGHLY UNPOPULAR with the GOP. “But EVER-HOPEFUL lobbyists say those issues are drawing HEIGHTENED INTEREST from Democratic lawmakers”. This is THE LOBBYISTS’ INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: 

According to Katie Mahoney, “executive director of health care policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce”, “There seems to be an increasing level of sympathy and interest at looking at what can be done to mitigate the damages“.

.”Some experts called Thursday’s bipartisan Senate vote on the medical devices tax a show of support for LARGE CAMPAIGN DONORS with major operations in states like Minnesota, Massachusetts, Indiana and Pennsylvania” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:  Again, it’s all about MONEY.

According to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, “a Minnesota Democrat who favored the medical device tax repeal”, speaking during floor debate, “This idea that we should MAKE STUFF in this country, that we should INVENT things, that we should EXPORT TO THE WORLDthat is how we’re going to get out the current situation we’re in“, “the current” FINANCIAL “situation we’re in”.

“Some experts say the chances are slim for MEANINGFUL (?) change to the health care law”. 

Finally, according to John Rother, “president of the National Coalition on Health Care, which represents MEDICAL SOCIETIES, businesses, unions and HEALTH PROVIDERS“, “They certainly can’t get past the presidential veto, EVEN IF they were to get through the Senate. . It’s a way to GET PEOPLE RILED UP and write checks. And if you’re a lobbyist, it’s a way to show you’re on the job“.

Again, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to separate POLITICIANS from “lobbying/lobbyists”.


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