Top SAUDI Cleric: “Twitter is For CLOWNS?” Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Top Saudi cleric says Twitter is for CLOWNS (?)” (Web-site/URL:

“Grand Mufti criticizes micro-blogging website as a “a council for JOKESTERS” and place for unjust and incorrect messages”.

“Saudi Arabia’s top religious cleric has criticized the micro-blogging website Twitter, calling it “a council for JOKESTERS” and a place for unjust, incorrect messages”.

“Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheikh made the remarks during a speech to other Saudi clerics on Friday (March 22, 2013)”.

According to Abdallah al-Dkhilallah, a Twitter user  from Riyadh”, “Twittewas found for us to UNLOAD OUR OPPRESSED ENERGY and WRITE WHAT’S ON OUR MINDS“. Of course as we’ve seen“unload our oppressed energy” can be DANGEROUS/VOLATILE/EXPLOSIVE. “With regards to CORRUPTION and clowningthere are stuff (MUCH/FAR) more corrupt than Twitter” obviouslyThis should be a message for CHINA too/as well, excluding HONG KONG and TAIWAN.

“Another Twitter user from the Saudi capital (Riyadh), Abdallah al-Moqhem, said such a description by the mufti is “NOT appropriate.  This council has SCHOLARSLITERARY FIGURES, PREACHERS and some of them are SENIOR SCHOLARS“, a group of people who are FAR FROM being “clowns”. 

“But local journalist Faisel al-Haidari tweeted that the mufti’s remarks WERE NOT intended for ALL Twitter users, but for “CORRUPT” people “who sabotage the thoughts of youth with corrupt tweets”. “corrupt” could be INTERPRETED as anyone UNDEMOCRATIC governments DON’T like (Web-site/URL:

“Abdel Aziz Khoga, the country’s minister for media and culture, admitted to local al-Watan newspaper that a series of government bodies IMPOSED CENSORSHIP OF Twitter” again AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “Last December (2012), Saudi novelist and political analyst Turki al-Hamad was arrested for “INSULTING Islam”. Saudi intellectuals called for his release, saying his arrest was “CONDEMNABLE, REPREHENSIBLE (and) SHAMEFUL“.

So, it looks like CHINA has some company in their INTERNET CENSORSHIP CAMPAIGN (Web-site/URL:’s_Republic_of_China) and that, of course, is A VERY DUBIOUS distinction. By calling TWITTER USERS “jokesters” and “clowns”the Saudi Grand Mufti must be referring to/calling HIMSELF as a “jokester” and a “clown” thenOnce again, this brings up the dilemma between China and the Middle East. If someone was deciding whether to work in China or the Middle Eastwe could justifiably ask them: how would you like to DIE? If the person chooses THE MIDDLE EASTthey would be INSULTED over their use of social media and perhaps KILLED BECAUSE OF their use of social mediaas we’ve seen over the course of the ARAB uprisings (TUNISIALIBYAEGYPTBAHRAINYEMEN and SYRIA). If they choose CHINA they will die from SUFFOCATION/BEING CUT OFF FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLDEither way, this is A DOUBLE NEGATIVE/both of these choices are HORRIFYINGSo ideally, people would choose to work and live in WESTERN cities (e.g. PARIS, NEW YORK, LONDONetc.) or an EASTERN city with WESTERN traditionsHONG KONG is an excellent example of the latterIn Hong Kong it’s possible to enjoy a Chinese lifestyle WITHOUT having to deal with the ridiculous Chinese Internet censorship.


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