CHINA Wants to “SURPRISE Neighbors”: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released A;-Jazeera article is “Chinese navy exercises ‘SURPRISE‘ neighbors” (Web-site/URL:

“China has deployed some of its most sophisticated Navy vessels to the eastern coast of Malaysia”.

“Wednesday’s (March 27, 2013) report from the Xinhua news agency is thought to be a play by Beijing to REINFORCE territorial claims to part of the South China Sea”“reinforced”, again, is the latest/yet another example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

Al Jazeera‘s Rob McBride, reporting from Hong Kong, said military exercises, beginning on Saturday, have “taken many Asian neighbors and military analysts BY SURPRISE“. This is most likely what China INTENDED.

“The exercises included the landing of amphibious craft just off the JAMES Shoal80 kilometers off the Malaysian coast”.

“The James Shoal is China’s most southerly TERRITORIAL claim“. as if they DON’T have enough “territorial claims” alreadyChina is already RIPPING JAPAN‘s head off over the SENKAKU Islands and THE PHILIPPINES’ head off over THE SCARBOROUGH SHOALS.

“It is among several DISPUTED parts of the South China Sea, including the Spratly Islands, that the People’s Republic says belong to Beijing”, again, AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: Also it’s NOT as if we need any more “disputes”. .

“Our correspondent said the exercise culminated in a ceremony on James Shoal where soldiers and marines promised “to DEFEND Chinese sovereignty“. This is yet another/the latest example of China being “Defensive” (Web-site/URL:

“The move, said Al Jazeera‘s McBride, could also be Beijing’s answer to Washington’s so-called “PIVOT strategy“, which would see the US move more resources to East Asia”.

“Vietnam had ACCUSED China of opening fire on a fishing boat in the disputed South China Sea on Monday (March 25, 2013), but Beijing has denied the charges” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: while “accused”, of course, also the latest example of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL: 

“The Chinese navy stated that the claim was a “SHEER FABRICATIONagain AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

a Chinese naval official told the STATE-OWNED Xinhua news agency” “THERE IS NO SUCH THING that Chinese vessels fired with weapons or the Vietnamese boats caught fire“.

Finally, “Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry had said on Monday that a fishing boat was “CHASED and SHOT AT by a Chinese vessel” and called the incident a “SERIOUS VIOLATION of its sovereignty“. “chased and shot at” is EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE and is yet another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: So, China is also involved in a tit-for-tat dispute with VIETNAM. .

Again, this is another EASY conclusion. So now  China is EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE, JUST LIKE NORTH KOREA. In fact, we have reached a point in this nonsense where we can suggest a potential Family Feud question: name a country that China IS NOT fighting with over territorial discrepancies


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