Obama Presses Congress Again on GUN CONTROL (March 28, 2013): MSNBC

The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “Invoking NewtownObama presses Congress on GUNS” (Web-site/URL: http://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/03/28/17503254-invoking-newtown-obama-presses-congress-on-guns?lite).

“President Barack Obama on Thursday (March 28, 2013)  STERNLY REBUKED opponents of pending gun control measures, ACCUSING them of “running out the clock” and hoping that the nation forgets last year’s (2012) Newtown school shooting in order to keep popular reforms from passing into law”. “sternly rebuked” and “accusing” are the latest examples of “Blaming and criticizing” (Web-site/URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-AJviZ8Itk&playnext=1&list=PL04C79B554E2F5E84&feature=results_video).

“(Speaking) of the gun massacre that killed 20 children and six adults”Obama said: The entire country was SHOCKED (obviously) and the entire country pledged we would do something about it and that that this time would be differentSHAME ON US IF WE’VE FORGOTTEN”.

“Flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and a group of mothers who have lost their children to gun violence, Obama ACCUSED gun rights groups ofROOTING FOR AMNESIA“. “The reason we’re talking about it here today is because it’s NOTdone until it’s done” obviously. “And there are some POWERFUL voices on the other side (of this issue) that are interested in RUNNING OUT THE CLOCK or CHANGING THE SUBJECT or DROWNING OUT THE MAJORITY OF the American people to prevent any of these reforms from happening at allThey’re doing everything they can to make all our progress collapse under the weight of FEAR and FRUSTRATION or their assumption is that people will just forget about it“. We certainly DON’T need any more “frustration” a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).  “I ask EVERY American to find out where your member of Congress stands on these ideas. If they’re not part of that 90% who agree that we should make it harder for a criminal or somebody with a severe mental illness to buy a gun, then you should ask them why not” Many “Members of Congress” are LIFETIME NRA MEMBERS.

 According to Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, “one of the Republicans who has pledged to block the legislation”, “The proposals (that) the president is calling for Congress to pass would primarily serve to reduce the constitutionally protected rights of LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS while having little or no effect on violent crime.  It is deeply unfortunate that he continues to use the tragedy at Newtown as a backdrop for pushing legislation that would have DID NOTHING to prevent that horrible crime”. This is what Lee BELIEVES as a member of THE TEA PARTY (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

“On a conference call with gun control supporters yesterday (March 27, 2013)Biden said the coming efforts are “JUST THE BEGINNING” of a public outcry to reduce gun violence”. “I think we’re ON THE VERGE of getting a SERIOUSTHOROUGH UNIVERSAL background check system in place and it will — emphasizeit will — IT WILL SAVE LIVES”. Let’s HOPE so.

Finally, “(New York City Mayor Michael) Bloomberg has led the money charge, pledging to spend millions of his considerable fortune to pressure wavering lawmakers into supporting gun control proposals”. Speaking on “Meet The Press”, Bloomberg said: “If 90 percent of the public want something and their representatives vote AGAINST thatCOMMON SENSE says THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A PRICE TO PAY FOR THAT” which is obviously LOSING THEIR NEXT ELECTIONWe agree with Bloomberg hereHowever his idea that New Yorkers can’t EAT or DRINK whatever they want/as they please is HIGHLY controversialbut that’s a topic for another time/analysis.  

Why are Republicans and some Democrats so resistant/opposed to gun control that could save lives? They get MONEY and VOTES from the powerful gun LOBBY/LOBBYISTS (e.g. the NRA).  


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