The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Louisville’s Kevin Ware resting after surgery” (Web-site/URL: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/louisvilles-kevin-ware-resting-surgery-075243020–ncaab.html).

“Kevin Ware is already up and walking, and he’s got a nice souvenir to keep him company until he’s cleared to return to Louisville”.

“Cardinals coach Rick Pitino brought the Midwest Regional championship trophy when he visited Warewho remains hospitalized after surgery to repair a GRUESOME fracture in his right leg” and IT WAS INDEED absolutely “gruesome”.

“after visiting Ware again Monday morning (April 1 2013)”Pitino said: “He was REAL EXCITED about (the trophy)” obviouslyWho WOULDN’T be “excited about” going to THE FINAL FOUR“‘I said to him, ‘You want me to bring it back or stay with you?’ He said, ‘IT’S STAYING WITH ME.’ I said, ‘All right, just make sure you don’t lose it‘”.

“During a 2-hour surgery Sunday night (March 31, 2013), doctors reset Ware’s broken tibia and inserted a rod into the bone. Because the bone BROKE THROUGH THE SKINPitino said doctors are monitoring Ware to make sure no infection develops. If there are no complications, he should be released Tuesday (April 2, 2013)”.

“The Cardinals plan to leave for the Final Four in Atlanta on Wednesday night (April 3, 2013) and Pitino said they expect to have Ware with them. Ware is originally from New York City, but he moved to the Atlanta area before high school”. “He gets to go homebe with his family and BE WITH US ON THE BENCH (most importantly). He’s IN VERY GOOD SPIRITS and ANXIOUS to get out of the hospital and GET BACK WITH THE GUYS“. 

“Ware’s right leg SNAPPED in the first half of Sunday’s (March 31, 2013) Midwest Regional final when he landed awkwardly after trying to contest a 3-point shot. The horrific injury devastated his teammates, and several fell to the court crying. Chane BehananWare’s best friend on the team, had to be helped to his feet”.

“But before Ware was wheeled off the court on a stretcher, he repeatedly urged the Cardinals to ”just go WIN THE GAME“. “The Cardinals did, beating Duke 85-63 to reach their SECOND STRAIGHT Final Four and they said afterward (that)THERE WAS NO WAY (that) they could have let Ware down“.

Pitino went on: “Right before the surgerywhen he was able to watch the players at the press conference, the nurses and doctors told me that was the FIRST time he broke down and criedwhen the players were talking about HIMThis just reinforces how UNSELFISH Kevin Ware is.

“Ware’s injury dominated social media Sunday night (March 31, 2013) and Pitino said the sophomore guard has been moved by all the messages of support. Joe Theismann, whose NFL career was ended by a HORRIFIC broken leg in a Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants, has called WarePitino said. On Sunday (March 31 2013)Theismann tweeted, ”Watching Duke/ Louisville (and) MY HEART GOES OUT TO Kevin Ware” again obviouslyTHEISMANN‘s broken leg, of course, was so GRUESOME that it was featured at #1 on the “Top Ten Worst Sports Injuries” (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVsdvRwHSp8). 

TELEVISION ANALYST Greg Anthony also called, and Pitino said Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski called him Monday (April 1, 2013) to see how Ware was doing”. “A LOT OF REALLY POSITIVE calls that are making him FEEL GOOD” which is critical because oftentimes when people suffer horrific injuriesthe MENTAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL recovery is MUCH harder than the physical recoveryAlso, notice that a “television analyst called” to check on Ware. So, these folks DO care about others 

“Pitino and his son, Richard, who recruited Ware while he was on his father’s staff, were at the hospital when the sophomore guard got out of surgery and went back Monday morning (April 1, 2013). Ware’s girlfriend stayed with him overnight, and his mother and her husband arrived Monday (April 1, 2013)”. “She (Ware’s mother) just NEEDED to see him this morning (April 1, 2013)” and UNDERSTANDABLY SO. “She was CRYING ALL NIGHT. Once she gave him a hug this morning (April 1, 2013), she was fine. Everything is good right now“. Also, note “Ware’s mother and HER HUSBANDSo Kevin Ware is another person whose family life is complicated because his “mother’s…husband” IS NOT HIS DAD, but that’s a story for another time.

“Ware was back on Twitter early Monday (April 1, 2013), thanking everyone from Kobe Bryant to Lil Wayne and other well-wishers. He wrote that he WOULD BE BACK ”by next season” and quipped that he ”SHOULD HAVE blocked that shot“. “Among his visitors (on Twitter) was NCAA President Mark Emmert, spokeswoman Stacy Osburn said”. “He was there to see how the student-athlete was doing and OFFER WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT“, with THE LATTER being more important of courseAs far as “how (Ware) was doing”his leg SNAPPED, so obviously he is IN SEVERE PAIN. However Ware does seem EXTREMELY DETERMINED and oftentimes this is the X-factor in determining whether or not someone can come back/recover from this kind of SEVERE/HORRIFYING injury

“Kenny Klein, Louisville’s sports information director, tweeted a picture of Ware on crutches Monday (April 1, 2013). Richard Pitino, now the coach at Florida International, posted photos of Ware with his family and with the championship trophy”.

“While some have SPECULATED that Ware could have had a previous stress fracture that left him predisposed to such an injury, Pitino discounted that, saying there was ”nothing prior“. So, the notion that “Ware could have had a previous stress fracture” was PURE SPECULATIONBasically, his leg went one way and his shoe went another and the bone SPLIT. There’s no pre-existing thing that makes it do that“.

“Ware’s injury is similar to the one suffered by running back Michael Bush, who also played at Louisville. Bush recovered from the injury and has had a PRODUCTIVE NFL career with Oakland and Chicago”. Bush has 3053 rushing yards in seasons, as of March 31, 2012 (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bush). 

Finally, Coach Pitino finished off: “It will be a long recoveryobviously. “BUT WE EXPECT HIM TO MAKE A FULL RECOVERY“. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO FOCUS ON and this is what KEVIN WARE wants more than anything else: TO RETURN TO THE BASKETBALL COURT for the 2013-’14 season

Ware’s broken leg was indeed GRUESOME (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA1hTm_HXrk). Even the DUKE basketball team looked on in absolute HORROR.   


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