Another OUTRAGEOUS Coach: FORMER RUTGERS Head Basketball Coach MIKE RICE (ABC)

The title of a recently released ABC News article is “Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Fired for Video of His KICKING, Berating Players” (Web-site/URL:

“Rutgers University fired men’s basketball coach Mike Rice this morning (April 3, 2013) after ESPN aired video of his shoving and kicking players while berating them with GAY SLURSTHIS IS HORRIFYING 

“Rutgers Athletics tweeted this morning (April 32013)  “Based upon recently revealed information and a review of PREVIOUSLY DISCOVERED ISSUESRutgers has terminated the contract of Mike Rice”WOW“previously discovered issues” should remind us of the PENN STATE FOOTBALL mess/scandal involving JERRY SANDUSKYJOE PATERNO and MIKE MCQUEARY.

“Rice44, apologized for his behavior today (April 3, 2013) in an interview outside his house in Little SilverN.J.”

Rice told WABC-TV: “I’ve let SO MANY people downmy players, my administrationRutgers Universitythe fans (and) my family“. Again, what will Rice do to REMEDY this situation? Most likely NOTHING as he has already been fired. 

Rutgers Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Tim Pernetti released a statement today (April 3, 2013), saying, “I am responsible for the decision to attempt a REHABILITATION (?) of Coach Rice. Dismissal and corrective action were debated in December (2012) and I THOUGHT it was in the best interest of everyone to REHABILITATE, but I WAS WRONG. Moving forward, I will work to REGAIN THE TRUST (?) of the Rutgers community”. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?

“The video caused OUTRAGE across social media after it was aired, with thousands, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and NBA star LeBron James, chiming in”. 

“James tweeted Tuesday (April 2, 2013): “If my son played for Rutgers or A COACH LIKE THAT (Mike Rice)he would have some real explaining to do and I’m still gonna WHOOP him afterwards! C’mon“. Of course, we all know what “WHOOP” means , but that language is not appropriate for professional writing.

“The video of Rice aired Tuesday (April 2, 2013) on ESPN and forced Pernetti to defend his decision NOT to fire the head coach when the video was originally brought to the school’s attention last year (2012)”.

“(Speaking) on WFAN Radio Tuesday (April 22013)”Pernetti said: “I spent more time with that option on whether we should FIRE Mike or not than ANY OTHER option”Again this seems DEFENSIVE 

“The video shows numerous clips of Rice at practice HURLING BASKETBALLS at players, hitting them in the back, legs, feet and shoulders. Rice was also shown PUSHING players in the chest and GRABBING them by their jerseys and YANKING them around the court. Rice could (also) be heard SCREAMING OBSCENITIES and GAY SLURS at players”. So, Rice is the latest/another person with SEVERE ANGER MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS.

“Pernetti was shown hours of video in late November (2012) by a former employee. He suspended Rice for three games a month later (December, 2012), fined him $50,000 and ordered him to attend ANGER MANAGEMENT classes“. Again we DO NOT want to be “mandated” to take such classes unless we’re talking about CELEBRITIES of course.  “At the time, Pernetti didn’t elaborate on the details of the suspension”.

“The video was broadcast on ESPN‘s “Outside the Lines” Tuesday night (April 2, 2013). The video clips were compiled by retired NBA player Eric Murdock during practices from 2010-12. Murdock was hired by Rice as director of player development”. The name of the ESPN program is ironic here because what MIKE RICE did WAS INDEED “Outside the Lines” or as CHRISTINE BRENNAN says is “Out of Bounds”.

“Murdock said Rice’s coaching ANTICS caused at least THREE players to transfer from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey”We never want to be associated with “antics” if we can help it, again unless people are CELEBRITIES.

(Speaking) on ESPNMurdock said: “That’s how (BAD) it wasThe VERBAL ABUSE, the BELITTLING. I was in TOTAL SHOCK that this guy WASN’T FIRED IMMEDIATELY ON THE SPOT” which is what SHOULD HAVE occurred.

“Murdock told ESPN he went to Pernetti as EARLY as last summer to inform him of Rice’s coaching TACTICS“, or more accuratelyANTICS.

“Murdock’s lawyer (Raj Gadhok) said his client was fired for BRINGING THE VIDEO TO THE ATTENTION OF Rutgers’ officials“. In a statement, Gadhok said: “Mr. Murdock was terminated for having COMPLAINED OF and REPORTED ILLEGAL CONDUCT BY Mike Rice. As a result, his employment was terminated by Rutgers University”Again this reminds us of PENN STATE because this is what MIKE MCQUEARY and JOE PATERNO did or didn’t do about JERRY SANDUSKY. McQueary and Paterno reportedly reported Sandusky’s illegal activities to former athletic director TIM CURLEY and former Vice President for BUSINESS & FINANCE GARY SCHULTZ.

Finally, “Miami Heat player (shooting guard) Ray Allen told ESPN“, “I would do everything I could to make sure that coach got fired — in ANY sport — because there’s no place for that” obviously. 

This should remind us of former HOLY FAMILY UNIVERSITY basketball head coach JOHN O’CONNOR (Web-site/URL: Again, let’s reiterate that we should preach toughness, but KICKING players and CALLING THEM GAY SLURS IS CLEARLY UNACCEPTABLE and outside the boundaries of how a professional and even A HUMAN BEING should be expected to behave.


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