BIRD FLU Re-Emerges in CHINA (April 3, 2013): Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on April 3, 2013 is “China BIRD FLU MUTATES, might infect MAMMALS” (Web-site/URL: Of course, as we know, viral “mutations” are TROUBLING.

In a WORRISOME sign, BIRD FLU (virus) in China appears to have MUTATED so that it can spread to other animals, raising THE POTENTIAL for a BIGGER threat to people, scientists said Wednesday (April 3, 2013)”So there’s something else to “worry” about.

SO FAR, the flu has SICKENED nine people in China and KILLED three. It’s not clear how they became infected, but THERE’S NO EVIDENCE that the virus is spreading easily among people“. Key Phrase: “So far” which is the latest TENTATIVE phrase

But the virus can evidently move through poultry WITHOUT making them sick, experts said, making it DIFFICULT TO TRACK the germ in flocks“. “difficult to track” is the latest/another “worrisome” phrase.

“The findings are preliminary and need further testing”.

“In the wake of the illnesses, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention shared the genetic sequence of the H7N9 virus with other scientists to help study how the virus might behave in different animals and situations”. Previously, the deadliest bird flu strain was H5N1.

“One scientist said the sequence RAISES CONCERN about A POTENTIAL GLOBAL EPIDEMIC, but that IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO GIVE A PRECISE ESTIMATE of how likely that is“. “raises concern about a POTENTIAL global pandemic” and “it’s impossible to give a precise estimate” is a TERRIFYINGLY UNCERTAIN combination.

According to Richard Webby, “director of a World Health Organization flu center at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.,AT THIS STAGE, it’s still UNLIKELY to become a pandemic“. “at this stage” is ONE MOMENT in time which could EASILY change so this is something that we’ll have to monitor. “We SHOULD BE CONCERNED (but) there’s no alarm bells ringing YET“. Point of Emphasis: “We SHOULD BE concerned”, because “yet” is TENTATIVE.

According to Dr.Masato Tashiro, “director of the WHO’s influenza research center in Tokyo and one of the specialists who studied the genetic data”, “The TENTATIVE assessment of this virus is that it MAY cause human infection or epidemicIt is still NOT yet adapted to humans completely, but IMPORTANT FACTORS HAVE CHANGED” which means that we must KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THIS ISSUE/TRACK ANY DEVELOPMENTS  regarding this latest avian flu outbreak. “If there are NO obvious symptoms in birds or pigs, “nobody recognizes the infection in animals around them. Then the transmission from  animal to HUMAN may occur. In terms of this phenomenon, it’s MORE problematicanimal to HUMAN” is scary enough but of course the deadliest transmissions would be from HUMAN to HUMAN

Finally, according to University of Hong Kong microbiologist Malik Peiris, “who also examined the genetic information”, “If the latest virus continues to spread in China and beyond, “it would be an EVEN BIGGER problem than with H5N1, in some sense, because with H5N1, you can see evidence of POULTRY DYING“, whereas with this H7N9 strainTHERE IS NO SUCH EVIDENCE.

So BIRD FLU RE-EMERGES in CHINAthere are TARGETED KIDNAPPINGS in EGYPT (Web-site/URL: continued UNCERTAINTY about IF and when NORTH KOREA might launch a nuclear bombThese are three EXTREMELY UNSETTLING headlines.


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