CHINA: “(BIRD) Flu Deaths MOUNT”: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “China culls birds as flu deaths MOUNT; airline shares fall” (Web-site/URL: 

Chinese authorities slaughtered over 20,000 birds at a poultry market in Shanghai on Friday as the death toll from a new strain of bird flu mounted to SIXSPREADING CONCERN overseas and sparking a sell-off in airline shares in Europe and Hong Kong”It’s NOT as if we need any more “concern”

“The local government in Shanghai said the Huhuai market for live birds had been shut down and 20,536 birds had been culled after authorities detected the H7N9 virus from samples of pigeons in the market. Other live poultry markets in the city will be closed down from Saturday (April 6, 2013), it said”.

“All 14 reported infections from the H7N9 bird flu strain have been in EASTERN China and at least FOUR of the dead are in Shanghai, a city of 23 million people and THE SHOWPIECE OF (?) China’s VIBRANT (?) economy“. Let’s see IF Shanghai is still “the showpiece of China’s vibrant economy” and let’s see IF China’s economy is still “vibrant” if this health crisis can’t be contained quickly

“The latest death was of a 64-year-old MAN in Zhejiang province, state news agency Xinhua said on Friday (April 5, 2013), adding that NONE of the 55 people who had close contact with him had shown symptoms of infection” again SO FAR but this is something that we’ll have to continue/keep tracking.

“Shanghai authorities stressed the H7N9 virus REMAINED SENSITIVE to the drug Tamiflu and those who were DIAGNOSED EARLY COULD BE cured“. Once again “early diagnosis” is the key.

Wu Fan, “director of the Shanghai Center for Disease Control & Prevention, told a news conference” “We CURRENTLY have enough reserves of Tamiflu to meet with THE CURRENT outbreak”How/What about LATER ON?

“Airline shares TUMBLED in European markets on fears the outbreak could become widespreadThe STOXX Europe 600 travel and leisure sector index FELL as much as 1.6 percent, the biggest laggard among European sectors” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: .

According to “a Paris-based airline sector analyst”, “The sector is reacting to FEARS  of a new pandemic of bird flu in Chinawhich would HURT air traffic” obviouslyAgain, as we’ve seen“fear” can be a DANGEROUS emotion, because fear can lead to IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOR.

In Hong Kong, the overall index closed at A FOUR-MONTH LOW, led by falls in airline shares over FEARS of diminished demand for air travelAir China SLUMPED 9.8 percent, its worst single-day loss in nearly four years” which takes us back to 2008 the year of THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISISAlso, “fear” seems to be a recurring theme.

 According to Alfred Chan, “chief dealer at Cheer Pearl Investment in Hong Kong”, “The bird flu issue is at THE TOP of people’s minds now” obviouslyAgainTHIS IS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: 

“In Shanghai, the rising death toll prompted some residents to stay away from markets with live chickens and ducks”. 

According to 38-year-old Shao Linxia, “I’m only getting my groceries at the LARGE supermarkets now because I DON’T think it is safe to visit the wet markets anymore” again obviously…”adding she had also stopped buying poultry since news of the bird flu surfaced”. “We all remember SARS and how QUICKLY it could spread, so we are obviously WORRIED“.

 “in a statement on its website (”, the (Chinese) Health Ministry said: “(China) will strengthen its leadership in combating the virus … and coordinate and deploy the entire nation’s health system to combat the virus“. “Chinawill continue to OPENLY and  TRANSPARENTLY (?) maintain communication and information channels with the World Health Organization (WHO) and relevant countries and regions, and strengthen monitoring and preventative measures“, The CHINESE government is “open and transparent?” WHAT?

Finally, Wendy Barclay, “a flu virologist at Britain’s Imperial College, London”, “The gene sequences confirm that this is an avian virus, and that it is a LOW pathogenic form (meaning it is likely to cause mild disease in birds). BUT (and this is a BIG “but”)  what the sequences also reveal is that there are some MAMMALIAN adapting mutations in some of the genes“. This is the HUGE concern.

This is yet another EASY conclusionBIRD FLU has made a return to China so of course people will be RELUCTANT to travel to that country/part of the worldSo“airline shares” will INEVITABLY “fall”.


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