The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “China warns against “troublemaking” on (the) Korean peninsula” (Web-site/URL:–business.html).

“China warned against “TROUBLE-MAKING” on its doorstep, in an apparent REBUKE TO (?) North Korea and the United States said it was postponing a missile test to help CALM HIGH TENSION on the divided Korean Peninsula”CHINA is “rebuking” NORTH KOREA?

“Chinese President Xi Jinping, addressing a forum on the southern island of Hainan, did not name North Korea, but said no country “should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for SELFISH GAIN“. All POLITICIANS are interested in “selfish gain”“selfish” people are also ARROGANTa fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

“Stability in Asia…, “faces new challengesas hot spot (i.e. BUTTON) issues keep emerging and both TRADITIONAL AND NON-TRADITIONAL security threats exist“.

“Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed similar FRUSTRATION in a statement late on Saturday (April 6, 2013), relating a telephone conversation with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon”“frustration”, of course, is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

“according to a ministry statement on its website”, Wang said: “We oppose PROVOCATIVE WORDS and actions from any party in the region and do not allow TROUBLEMAKING on China’s doorstep“. Is China talking about North Korea or US support of JAPAN in the never-ending SENKAKU ISLANDS dispute?

“On Sunday (April 7, 2013), the ministry expressed “GRAVE concern” at rising tension and said China had asked North Korea to “ENSURE THE SAFETY OF Chinese diplomats in North Korea, in accordance with the Vienna Convention and INTERNATIONAL (?) laws and norms“. Does CHINA follow ” INTERNATIONAL laws and norms?” Not when it comes to the SENKAKU Islands.

“China’s embassy, it said, was “understood” to be operating normally in Pyongyang”.

“Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, addressing the Hainan forum, said avoiding conflict on the peninsula was vital”. “There, ANY aggression is a threat to the interests of EVERY country in the region” obviously but “conflict” and “aggression” may be INEVITABLE.

“British Foreign Minister William Hague said North Korea’s nuclear ambitions HAD TO BE taken seriouslyobviously.

Interviewed by Sky News, he said the international response “should also be VERY CLEAR, very UNITED and CALM (?) at all times because it’s important NOT TO FEED THAT FRENETIC RHETORIC that we’ve seen over the last few weeks”Again of course as we know North Korea LIVES OFF OF “frenetic rhetoric”.

“Switzerland’s Foreign Ministry offered to mediate, saying it was “always willing to help find a solution, IF this is the wish of the parties, such as hosting meetings between them“. This is the latest “if”, which, again, of course, IS NOT a guarantee.

“In Washington, a defense official said a long-scheduled test of the Minuteman III intercontinental missile, due to take place at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, would be postponed”.According to this official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the obvious sensitivity of this situation, “This test … has been delayed to avoid any MISPERCEPTION or MISCALCULATION in light of recent tensions on the Korean Peninsula”. “misperception or miscalculation”Boy, have there been A LOT of those.  “This is the LOGICAL, PRUDENT and RESPONSIBLE course of action to take“. Notice “logicalprudent and responsible”Again, these are three things that North Korea certainly IS NOT.

“He said the test had been UNCONNECTED to “anything related to North Korea” and added that another test launch could be expected next month. The United States remained fully prepared to respond to ANY North Korean threat“, REALLY? This is another interesting INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:

“The South Korean president’s office said the country had a “FIRM MILITARY READINESS” for any eventuality. It described as “PLANNED behavior the North’s call for South Korean workers to leave the Kaesong joint industrial park, just inside North Korea, and for diplomats to evacuate Pyongyang by Wednesday (April 10, 2013)”.

 According to Kim Haing, “a spokeswoman for the presidential Blue House, quoting the chief of the National Security office”, “Ahead of that time, a situation like a North Korean missile launch COULD occur” and of course, that is EXTREMELY worrying.  AS FOR NOW, there are no signs of all-out war, but IF a local conflict breaks out, North Korea should be aware that IT WILL PAY THE PRICE“. This is the latest THREAT from South Korea to its northern neighbor.

“South Korean media said on Friday (April 5, 2013) (that) the North had moved TWO medium-range missiles to the country’s EAST coast, but there has been no confirmation of such a move”.

“The North has always condemned joint exercises off the South Korean coast, but its rhetoric has been especially FURIOUS this year (2013) as the United States sent nuclear-capable stealth bombers from their home bases”. So, ONLY North Korea can use “nuclear-capable stealth bombers?” And once again North Korea seems to be “furious” at just about ANYONE and “furious” over just about EVERYTHING.

“North Korean STATE television showed a military training session, with soldiers putting dogs through their paces, including one seen tearing to pieces an effigy of South Korean Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin. Soldiers were shown firing at pictures of the minister and a depiction of a U.S. serviceman”. Again “state television” is nothing except PROPAGANDA.

Finally, an unidentified soldier finished off: “As you all know, on the Korean peninsula, it IS NOT a matter of whether we will have a war or not, but whether it will take place TODAY or TOMORROWThis is a situation like being on THE EVE OF A BIG EXPLOSION. Every minute, every second counts. We are RIGHT NOW set to march, once the order is given“. Again, this is EXTREMELY UNSETTLING and the stage has been set for A GLOBAL CONFRONTATION


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